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    • WoW Dungeon Quest Guide: Shadowfang Keep
      This is a quest guide to the World of Warcraft dungeon, Shadowfang Keep. Wrought with worgen and ghost, battle your way to mad wizard Arugal and claim his treasure!
    • WoW Quest Guide - Gnomes Level 1 through 6
      Complete the all new Gnome starting area outside Gnomeregan as fast as possible. Step by step instructions explain how to complete quests with efficiency, as well as the new story line surrounding the retaking of the lost Gnomish capital city.
    • WoW Quest Guide - Dwarves Level 1 through 6
      Guide to completing the Alliance Dwarf starting zone in World of Warcraft as quickly as possible. With the Cataclysm expansion almost every quest is new or different. Don't get lost in Dun Morogh, get step by step instructions for completing the Dwarf beginning quests fast and efficiently.
    • World of Warcraft Troll Starting Area Quest Guide: "The Arts of a Hunter"
      The fourth installment of our series covering the newly-revamped starting experience for Troll characters in World of Warcraft covers the "The Arts of a (insert class here)" quest. Here, you'll learn how to train new skills and have an opportunity to demonstrate your new proficiency.
    • World of Warcraft Troll Starting Quest Guide: "The Rise of the Darkspear"
      The first of the newly-revamped Troll starting area quests is "The Rise of the Darkspear." Your new level 1 Troll is introduced to the Darkspear Training Area and is asked to demonstrate their skills to impress their trainer.
    • World of Warcraft Troll Starting Area Quest Guide: "A Rough Start"
      The third quest in the new Troll starting area is entitled "A Rough Start." Your trainer, impressed with your ability to take down inanimate Tiki Targets, has decided it's time for you to take on some more dangerous foes, the local Wildmane population.
    • World of Warcraft Troll Starting Area Quest Guide: "Proving Pit"
      Your neophyte Troll has taken down a vicious pack of Tiki Targets and helped to thin out the local Wildmane population, but your first true test takes place in the Proving Pit, where you'll face off against a Captive Spitescale Scout in a battle to the death.
    • World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "The New Plague"
      The apothecaries of Undercity have been hard at work on a new plague, one that completely destroys all flesh, living or undead. They've begun shipping this new weapon to Northrend for use against Arthas. Unfortunately, the latest shipment was waylaid by some Alliance forces and must be recovered.
    • World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "Spiking the Mix"
      Get ready to engage in World of Warcraft's version of "The Deadliest Catch" as you head out to hunt for giant crab near Vengeance Landing in the "Spiking the Mix" quest. The local apothecary is looking for something to improve his plague, and the toxic glands of the local Tidecrawlers fit the bill.
    • World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "Test at Sea"
      It's death (or at least discomfort) from above for Alliance reinforcements on the North Sea in the World of Warcraft "Test at Sea" quest. You'll fly out and drop a refined version of the Forsaken's new plague upon them as a test run. The results, however, are not what the local Apothecary hoped.
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