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WoW Alchemy Guide - WoW Trade Skill Guides, 3.2 and beyond

by: Jesma ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Alchemy is a profession well suited for any class, especially in PvE content. Longer flask and elixir durations, and increased effects from Alchemical consumables make it especially useful in raids. Included in this article is a complete 1-450 Alchemy leveling guide plus gold earning tips.

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    Alchemy 1-450 Guide - Complete Material List

    Peacebloom - WoW Alchemy 59 Peacebloom

    59 Silverleaf

    59 Empty Vial

    80 Briarthorn

    90 Leaded Vials

    15 Mageroyal

    40 Stranglekelp

    Liferoot - WoW Alchemy 30 Liferoot

    30 Kingsblood

    45 Goldthorn

    15 Empty Vials

    5 Steelbloom

    70 Sungrass

    15 Khadgar's Whisker

    4 Purple Lotus

    Firebloom - WoW Alchemy 4 Firebloom

    19 Arthas' Tears

    40 Blindweed

    97 Crystal Vial

    4 Iron Bar

    1 Black Vitriol

    61 Golden Sansam

    18 Mountain Silversage

    Felweed - WoW Alchemy 38 Felweed

    61 Dreaming Glory

    20 Ragveil

    10 Netherbloom

    102 Imbued Vial

    20 Talandra's Rose

    Adder's Tongue - WoW Alchemy 24 Adder's Tongue

    10 Icethorn

    5 Pygmy Suckerfish

    10 Dark Jade

    10 Huge Citrine

    10 Eternal Fire

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    Alchemy Skill Level 1-60

    Required Materials: 59 Peacebloom, 59 Silverleaf, 59 Empty Vial

    Create: 59 Minor Healing Potion

    Special Directions: Keep 50 of these Minor Healing Potions - You will need them for later.

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    Alchemy Skill Level 60-140

    Required Materials: 50 Minor Healing Potion, 80 Briarthorn, 30 Leaded Vials

    60-110: 50 Lesser Healing Potions

    110-140: 30 Healing Potions

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    Alchemy Skill Level 140-210

    Alchemists make potions, flasks, and elixirs Required Materials: 15 Mageroyal, 40 Stranglekelp, 30 Liferoot, 30 Kingsblood, 25 Goldthorn, 15 Empty Vials, 55 Leaded Vials

    140-155: 15 Lesser Mana Potion

    155-185: 30 Greater Healing Potions

    185-210: 25 Elixir of Agility

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    Alchemy Skill Level 210-285

    Required Materials: 5 Steelbloom, 20 Goldthorn, 70 Sungrass, 15 Khadgar's Whisker, 4 Purple Lotus, 4 Firebloom, 19 Arthas' Tears, 40 Blindweed, 5 Leaded Vial, 69 Crystal Vial, 4 Iron Bar, 1 Black Vitriol

    210-215: 5 Elixir of Greater Defense

    215-230: 15 Super Healing Potion

    230-231: Philosopher's Stone - Keep this, as it is needed to do transmutes throughout your Alchemy career. Recipe for the Philosopher's Stone is obtained from Alchemist Pestlezugg in Tanaris.

    231-250: 19 Elixir of Detect Undead

    250-265: 15 Elixir of Greater Agility

    265-285: 20 Superior Mana Potion

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    Alchemy Skill Level 285-360

    Required Materials: 61 Golden Sansam, 18 Mountain Silversage, 38 Felweed, 61 Dreaming Glory, 20 Ragveil, 10 Netherbloom, 28 Crystal Vial, 53 Imbued Vial

    285-300: 18 Major Healing Potion

    300-310: 10 Volatile Healing Potion

    310-325: 15 Elixir of Healing Power

    325-335: 10 Mad Alchemist's Potion

    335-340: 5 Super Healing Potion

    340-360: 23 Super Mana Potion - The recipe for this is located in Zangarmarsh at Telredor for Alliance, and in Blade's Edge Mountains at Thunderlord Stronghold for Horde.

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    Alchemy Skill Level 360-450

    Required Materials: 20 Talandra's Rose, 44 Goldclover, 34 Tiger Lily, 24 Adder's Tongue, 10 Icethorn, 5 Pygmy Suckerfish, 10 Dark Jade, 10 Huge Citrine, 10 Eternal Fire, 49 Imbued Vials

    360-365: 5 Icy Mana Potion

    365-375: 10 Spellpower Elixir

    375-380: 5 Pygmy Oil

    380-385: 5 Potion of Nightmares

    385-395: 12 Elixir of Mighty Strength

    395-405: At 400 you can do Northrend Alchemy Research once per day for a chance to discover new recipes. If you discover Potion of Speed, make it instead. Otherwise, from 395-400 make roughly 12 Elixir of Major Agility.

    405-410: 5 Runic Healing Potion

    410-425: 20 Runic Mana Potion

    425-435: 10 Transmute: Earthsiege Diamond

    435-450: Make Flasks of your choice until Maximum. You'll need 15 Frost Lotus, among other things depending on which flask you make. Skill points above 435 can also be gained from Northrend Alchemy Research.

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    Alchemy Mastery

    WoW Alchemy Guide Once a player reaches Alchemy skill level 325, and level 68, they can choose an Alchemy Mastery. The three Masteries available are Elixirs, Potions, and Transmutation. The quest is picked up in the Lower City of Shattrath, but you can only choose one. You can change later, but must complete the quest for the new Mastery. If you go back to a Mastery you had previously, you will not have to repeat the quest.

    Elixir Mastery - Chance to proc an extra 1-4 Elixirs or Flasks when creating Elixirs or Flasks.

    Potion Mastery - Chance to proc an extra 1-4 potions when making potions.

    Transmute Mastery - Chance to proc an extra 1-4 of the transmuted item when transmuting items.

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    Advantages of Choosing Alchemy

    Alchemy is one of the most generic of all the World of Warcraft professions, in that it is the perfect complement to any class. Alchemists can create potions, elixirs, and flasks, as well as transmute certain items into other ones. Alchemists also get a passive ability called Mixology, which gives them double durations on Flasks and Elixirs and increases the effects of those consumables.

    Alchemy is better suited towards PvE content than PvP, however. Flasks, elixirs, and potions cannot be used in Arena, and aren't all that useful in Battlegrounds. There are a couple of items designated for arena use, but not many.

    In addition to all of these things, Alchemists get a powerful trinket. There are four trinkets to choose from (that do not stack) that are well suited to every class, and increase the amount restored with Mana and Health potions.

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    Making Gold with Alchemy

    Flasks Alchemy coupled with Herbalism is a very profitable choice for professions. Players can quickly farm herbs and make elixirs, potions, and flasks that tend to sell for quite a lot of money. Even without herbalism, Elixir masters especially can make decent amounts of gold by buying herbs and selling the products. Elixirs, particularly Agility, Strength, and Spellpower ones, sell for quite a lot of gold. Flasks are always high priced, though the materials to make them are typically a lot more expensive (mainly just the Frost Lotus).

    A new way to make decent amounts of gold was just introduced in patch 3.2, however. Alchemists have always been able to be Transmute masters, but up til patch 3.2 there weren't very good products from Transmutation. Transmuting one eternal to another was possible if you discovered the ability, and one could make uncut meta gems. However, in 3.2 with the introduction of epic gems, Alchemists gain the ability to transmute them as well. The mats to create an epic gem are cheap, and the gems sell for a lot. This is especially great for transmutation masters who can proc multiple epic gems from a few cheap materials. They are limited, though, to one transmute every 20 hours.

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