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World of Warcraft Instance Guide: The Blood Furnace - Fighting Broggok

by: Jesma ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Broggok is made that much more tough by the gauntlet leading up to him, but you can master both by following these simple tips.

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    Boss Fight - Broggok


    Broggok is one of the more challenging boss encounters you will endure. This isn't because he, himself is all that difficult, but rather because of the gauntlet you must run to get to him. The event is triggered by flicking a switch in the fight room after you have cleared it. It is important to make sure your party knows not to flick the switch, as triggering the event before everyone is ready can lead to disaster. Once your party is ready, start the event. A door will open on the left side of the room releasing a group of Orcs. After a little while, the next door will open, and so on and so forth. The packs of Orcs gradually grow larger, and more of them are elite than non-elite. Focusing your groups fire is important, and raid marks should be used. The group needs to ensure that they do not pull aggro and then run around the room with the mob. The tanks job is already hard enough. If you pull aggro, return the mob to your tank. Crowd control should be used liberally, and DPS must be quick

    Once you have defeated the last Orc in the gauntlet the final door will open releasing Broggok: A big, slimy, floating Cthulu-beast minus the wings, arms and legs. You will not have time to eat or drink before he gets to your party, so be ready to start fighting. Broggok should be tanked facing away from the party, and at maximum range from ranged members and healers. He only has two main attacks. A spray of caustic green gunk that effects a cone area around his target, and a poison cloud that lingers in rings on the ground. You must not stand in the green ring, which will persist even after he dies.

    Heroic Mode

    There are no changes to this boss nor to the gauntlet in heroic, other than increased damage. The gauntlet can be incredibly difficult on heroic, particularly on healers and tanks. A Paladin tank is ideal for this fight, as he can hold aggro on the multiple mobs much easier. Fear should be used liberally, along with Polymorph and any other in-combat crowd controls. Psychic Scream and Howl of Terror are also very effective, especially if multiple mobs start attacking the healer. A shadow Priest is very helpful in this fight, as they can use AoE-fear, restore mana, and off-heal if absolutely necessary. A Druid is a great healer choice for their Innvervate and Rebirth abilities.

World of Warcraft Instance Guide - The Blood Furnace of Hellfire Citadel

While not the hardest instance ever, The Blood Furnace can be difficult if you have the wrong group. The trash is easy, but the bosses are tough, so read up and it'll be fast and easy.
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