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Ice Crown Citadel – Lord Marrowgar – 25 Man Strategy

by: aquagem ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

25 Man Strategy for reducing the first boss of Ice Crown Citadel, Lord Marrowgar, to a pile of bones. Includes suggestion for raid composition as well as set up.

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    Set Up

    Totems, Auras, and Buffs Needed:

    Frost Resistance

    Marrowgar needs to be tanked in the middle of the room and tanks need to be within 5 yards of each other. The boss has a large hit box, so melee should spread out in a semi-circle in front of him to avoid being hit by Cold Flame. Stay close to ranged and healers in preparation for those hit by Bone Spike graveyard.

    Also, Ranged DPS and heals should stick close to the melee fanned out near the crescent circle close to the door. This is allows those struck with Bone Spike Graveyard to be broken out much faster since they are closer to all DPS. See picture below.

    Tanks: Recommend 3

    Healers : Recommend 7

    We assign 3 healers to the tanks and the others give priority to those impaled with Bone Spike. Of course healers are expected to pitch in during emergencies regardless of assignment as their situation allows.

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    Healers Stand At Crescent Next To Entrance

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    Phase 1


    a) The fight begins with Saber LashThis increases Marrowgar’s melee damage by 300% and is divided between the tank and the people who are closest to him, thus the reason for using 3 tanks on this fight. Also, those hit with Saber Lash can’t be hit with Bone Spike.

    *Big heals needed right at the start

    b) Cold Flame – AOE – Marrowgar will target a player and shoot out lines of icy fire that follow the target causing 6,000 damage per second. It is easy to avoid by moving left or right out of its path. Melee needs to watch carefully because a Cold Flame can often spawn right on top of them. I find that keeping the frame panned out as far as possible really helps with this fight.

    c) Bone Spike Graveyard – This cast every 10 seconds or so. Deadly Boss Mods has a timer that will announce when the cast is incoming and is highly recommended for all raiders. This targets 3 random raid members who become impaled and immobilized until they are broken out by DPS. This does 10% damage per second. It is recommended that people be broken out within 3 seconds to avoid issues.

    * Melee needs to immediately turn their attention to those who have been impaled providing they are nearby. Healers should be broken out first. It is very helpful to have someone on vent calling out the names of those who’ve been hit.

    * Healers spam on those impaled since there is the possibility of them being trapped within Cold Flame while being immobilized with Bone Spike.

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    Images In Phase 1

    Cold FlameMarrowgar
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    Phase 2


    a) Bone Storm – every 30 seconds Marrowgar’s bones will fall apart and he will go into the Whirlwind known as Bone Storm. During this phase, he targets random people then moves rapidly back and forth between them. While doing this, he ignites Cold Flame in 4 different directions. Should he be focused on you, just run away from him toward the far corner of the room, then return to the center crescent area as quickly as possible.

    * The damage done by Bone Storm is rather insignificant and can be healed through quite easily. However, everyone should be watching for Cold Flame since there will be more of it on the ground during this phase.

    * Tanks should be near Marrowgar at the close of P2 so they can immediately pick him back up

    * Aggro resets at the close of Bone Storm so DPS needs to wait for the tanks to resume control of Marrowgar before attacking.

    When Whirlwind is over, the fight resumes as normal. Everyone should return to their original positions so they can rinse, repeat, and do it all over again.

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