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Cataclysm Mage Changes

by: sinisterporpoise ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Are you prepared to master the new arcane energies of Azeroth? If you are not, this article can help you find the way

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    Acane Missiles Now Proc

    wow gnome mage Arcane missiles no longer require mana, but this is not the most important of the Cataclysm Mage changes. As with all casters, mages lost the ability to select lower level spells as they level. While this makes the training costs lower, it does occasionally cause problems when a mage can no longer summon lower level food for party members that cannot use items summoned by the ritual of refreshment.

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    Universal Cataclysm Mage Changes

    wow undead mage 

    Blizzard claims it removed spells with no clear purpose, including the low-level armor buff frost shield. Amplify magic, dampen magic, fire ward and frost ward. Most players were baffled by the correct use of amplify and dampen magic

    A few new spells were added, the most significant which is time warp. Time warp hastes the party for 30 seconds and increases the mage's movement ability. Wall of fog gives the mage the ability to snare mobs in a 30 foot line. At first glance wall of fog does not seem to have much use, but several boss encounters require a player to slow down adds during a fight.

    Flame Orb shows the most impressive pyrotechnics of the mage spells, sending bolts of fire at passing targets. A mage can cast other spells while the flame orb is busy reaching its intended destination. Fire mages can do more with this ability than people who specialize in different talent trees.

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    Cataclysm Mages Changes to the Arcane Talent Tree

    troll mage Arcane barrage increases the instant cast repertoire of the mage. Characters can use this while moving and it makes kiting a mob more efficient than it has been in the past. Mages gained a passive talent that increases all of the damage of their arcane spells, but the most important Cataclysm mage changes were the mastery talents.

    At level 80, the mana adept ability increases spell damage up to 12%. The amount of the damage increase is based on the amount of mana the mage has left unspent. As with the druid balance talent ability that increases damage only during eclipse phases, this ability made the arcane mage slightly weaker in its dps role.

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    Cataclysm Mage Changes to the Fire Talent Tree

    orc mage Blizzard designers know that fire mages are good at doing one thing: dealing damage. To help them achieve this role, they added a new spell pyroblast. Pyroblast is essentially a large fireball that adds damage over time component. Fire specialization applies a 25% spell damage to the appropriate spell type. Frost, naturally, has a similar ability. Flashburn, the fire mastery ability, increases the damage over time on damage over time spells by 22%. Such an ability seems more appropriate for warlocks than it does for the mage class.

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    Cataclysm Mages to the Frost Talent Tree

    Frost mages get the ability to summon the water elemental that has long been a signature of Azerothian mages. The water elemental protects the mage and adds a fair amount to the player's dps. As with the other trees, the frost passive ability adds 25% to the damage of frost spells. Perhaps the most important Cataclysm mage change for frost characters is using the mastery ability, Frostburn correctly. At level 80 mages can do an additional 20% damage against targets he has frozen.

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