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A Guide to the New Race/Class Combinations in WoW Cataclysm

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Cataclysm has brought changes to the world of Azeroth, and the races living on it have had to adapt. As a result, most races have received at least one new class option that was previously unavailable. This guide details the new options.

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    The Cataclysm has Struck

    Well, it's official. The 4.0.3a patch of World of Warcraft has been released, and with it a number of significant changes have hit World of Warcraft. Most of the zones have been changed, and the races inhabiting the world are under new threats. In response they've begun to broaden their knowledge.

    This means that there are new WoW Cataclysm race / class combinations available. These combinations have never been unlocked before. Now is a great time to re-roll because you can pave the way as one of the first players with a particular race / class combination.

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    Alliance Races

    World of Warcraft Race / Class Combos for Alliance The Alliance races have received a number of new combinations, as listed below.

    Draenei: The poor Draenei are the only race in World of Warcraft that did not receive a new race / class combination. Bummer!

    Dwarf: Surprisingly, the new Dwarf race / class combinations are the most interesting among all the Alliance races. Dwarven characters can now roll a Mage, Shaman or Warlock. This means the only class not available to Dwarves is the Druid.

    Gnome: The Gnomes have received a completely new starting zone and far expanding storyline, but they only have one new race / class combination unlocked - Priest. Still, that's better than nothing!

    Human: The only new race / class combination available is the Hunter. I was always surprised that humans could not be Hunters - anyone whose even lived in a rural town knows that humans are great fit for the class!

    Night Elves: The big purple guys and gals can now roll as a Mage. Nope - still no Paladins or Shaman, although those options seem like they would make sense.

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    Hoard Races

    World of Warcraft Race / Class Combinations for Hoard The Horde races have the most hilarious new race / class combo and have been gifted seven new combinations in total.

    Blood Elf: The game's most metrosexual class now has the chance to roll as the rough-and-tumble Warrior, giving the Blood Elves a total of three tank classes to choose from. Don't let their looks fool you - Blood Elves can be tough as nails.

    Orc: The good old Orcs have just one new race / class combo available - the Mage. I had thought they could already roll as Mages, but apparently not - I was most likely thinking of Warlocks.

    Tauren: Get ready for holy cow puns! The Tauren have found religion and can now roll as either Paladins or Priests.

    Troll: Like the Gnomes, the Trolls have received a completely new starting area that helps flesh out the Troll storyline and provide the race with a better identity in the game's lore. They're also now able to roll as the Druid, one of the game's most popular classes. Hopefully this will bring more Trolls into the world, as they're one of the least popular races currently in the game.

    Undead: The dead heads have received just one new race / class combo - Hunter. Yes, the Undead can bond with nature and become Hunters. I don't understand how this works, but I haven't played one yet, so perhaps Blizzard explains the concept in-game.