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Warlocks in Solo

by: Cameron Burry ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Heavy casters with low-defense, Warlocks are not just the last-minute additions to a dungeoneering party. They can be used by magic-inclined independent players with a few minor skill tweaks and play tactics.

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    Solo-Warlocks: Warlock Demonology Abilities

    In World of Warcraft, game-play is heavily reliant on character roles being fulfilled by different classes. The fighter is the heavy-hitting damage-taking tank, the mage is the damage raining juggernaut, and priest is the healing salvation of the party. However, with some of the classes in the game, the roles are a little fuzzier. This is especially true of the Warlock class.

    As a Warlock, players are often expected to be a damager in the party and otherwise stay out of the way. But a Warlock does not necessarily even need to be in a party. With a few modifications to the Warlock Demonology Abilities, players of a more independent mindset will find that the Warlock is just as capable as any class with venturing into the wilds of the world on his own. Warlock Demonology Abilities allow a single Warlock to be a juggernaut of destructive, single-player action.

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    Fellhunter-Warlock Combination

    Felhunter Fellhunter-Warlock Combination

    The Warlock Demonology Abilities skill category is a solo-Warlock’s bread and butter when it comes to protecting oneself. The Warlock is oft considered a “plush” character, or a low-defense and low armor-class character. This being the case, the Warlock will need something to defend himself. In Demonology, the Warlock is given the ability to summon different monsters to aid him in his travels. One of these creatures is known as the Fellhunter.

    The Fellhunter may be summoned after the Warlock has achieved level 30 and is particularly keen when dealing with magic-using enemies. The Fellhunter is a juggernaut of anti-magic prowess with the heavy ability to negate magic while dealing fair amounts of damage. Choosing the Fellhunter in a situation where you will not meet many casters is not a terrible idea, but there are other creatures that would better suit such situations. The Fellhunter should be chosen when dealing with harpies, wizards, or any other caster you might come across.

    Fellhunter Strengths

    • Magic Defense
    • Melee Defense
    • Ranged Attack

    Fellhunter Weaknesses

    • Speed
    • Agression Holding
    • Low Attack
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    Voidwalker-Warlock Combination

    Voidwalker-Warlock Combination

    Voidwalker Summon 

    The Voidwalker is a melee-machine and is perfect for protecting a solo-Warlock at the earlier levels of play. You can get the Voidwalker any time after level 10, but must attain the ability from a trainer. The Voidwalker has abilities that focus on taking large amounts of damage, gathering aggression of mobs away from the Warlock, and dealing moderate damage to high numbers of enemies. Until the Warlock achieves a Felguard companion, the Voidwalker summoning skill set is the essential Warlock ability to dealing with melee-based enemies.

    Voidwalker Strengths

    • Melee
    • Agression Holding
    • Magic Defense

    Voidwalker Weaknesses

    • Speed
    • Lower Defense

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    Felguard-Warlock Combination

    Felguard Warrior. Felguard-Warlock Combination

    When dealing with a creature of a more melee-focused mindset, the Felguard is the way to go. The Felguard is only available after 41 points have been spent on Warlock Demonology Abilities, so be prepared to put a lot of effort into getting the Felguard, however, since the Felguard is the premier tool of destruction for the Warlock, the time and points spent on him are well worth it.

    The Felguard focuses on melee damage to protect the Warlock in close-combat situations. Its ability to hold the aggression of enemies is invaluable when dealing with mobs or melee-heavy creatures. Its abilities focus on garnering aggression of enemies away from the Warlock, dealing heavy damage and self-protection against damage; all of these skills excel at keeping the Warlock safe so that he can do the main damage from afar. The Felguard is a solo-Warlock’s finest asset against any type of enemy.

    Felguard's Strengths

    • Melee
    • Agression holding
    • Defense

    Felguard's Weaknesses

    • Low Speed
    • No Defense Against Magic

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