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Higher Balance Druid Talents in World of Warcraft

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

These talents are higher up on the druid talent tree and therefore you will be a more seasoned and experienced character when it's time to select these. Read up and make sure you are taking the right ones for your player.

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    These are the higher talents of the Balance portion of the talent tree for a druid. These will take care of your casting time reductions and call upon a summon for you as well. For all about being a druid check out Druid Basics by mdweems.

    Moonfury – You can put five points here and it requires nature’s grace talent point and 25 balance talent points elsewhere. It will increase the damage done by your moonfire, starfire, and wrath. Talent point one is 2%, talent point two is 4%, talent point three is 6%, talent point four is 8%, and talent point five is 10%.

    Balance of Power – You can put two points here and it requires 25 balance talents elsewhere. It will increase your chance to hit with the spells and reduce the chance you’ll be hit by spells. Talent point one is 2% and talent point two is 4%.

    Dreamstate – This has three points in the slot and there is a requirement of 30 balance talents elsewhere. It will regenerate mana equal to a percentage of intellect even while casting. Talent point one is for 4%, talent point two is for 7%, and talent point three is 10%.

    Moonkin Form – This talent has three slots and requires 30 balance talent points elsewhere. It will transform you into moonkin form and it will increase your armor 400% and your attack power 150% of level, all your party members within 30 yards will have their spell critical chance increased by 5%. Each melee attack will have the chance to restore some mana.

    Improved Faerie Fire – There are 3 talent spots for this and it requires 30 in balance talents. It will make your faerie fire spell increase the chance the target will be hit by melee and ranged attacks. Talent point one is 1%, talent point two is 2%, and talent point three is 3%.

    Wrath of Cenarius – There are slots for five talent points it requires 35 balance talent points. Gives your starfire spells an additional percentage and your wrath an addition of your bonus damage effect. Talent point one is 4%/2%, talent point two is 8%/6%, talent point three is for 12%/6%, talent point four is for 16%/8%, and talent point five is 20%/10%.

    Force of Nature – Only one talent point is here and it requires 40 talent points in balance. It will summon three treants to attack your enemy for 30 seconds.