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Higher Restoration Druid Talents in World of Warcraft

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The more experienced and seasoned talents are listed here for restoration druids. Make sure you know exactly what each talent does and doesn't do in this handy section for World of Warcraft.

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    These are the higher talent points in the Restoration tree, good for putting your last few talent points in. For all about being a druid check out Druid Basics by mdweems.

    Empowered Touch – This takes 2 talent points and it will require 25 talent points in other restoration talents. It will make the Healing Touch spell gain more bonus healing effects. Talent point one is for 10% and talent point two is for 20%.

    Improved Regrowth – This talent will take up to 5 points and it requires 3 in improved rejuvenation and 25 in other restoration talents. It will increase the critical effect chance of Regrowth. Talent point one is 10%, talent point two is 20%, talent point three is 30%, talent point four is 40%, and talent point five is 50%.

    Living Spirit – It gives you three spaces for talent points and 30 elsewhere in restoration. It will increase your total spirit. Talent point one is for 5%, talent point two is for 10%, and talent point three is 15%.

    Swiftmend – This takes one talent point and it requires five talent points in gift of nature and 30 in other restoration talents. It will consume a regrowth or rejuvenation effect on a friendly target to heal them for the same amount to 12 seconds of rejuvenation or 18 seconds of regrowth.

    Natural Perfection – This has spots for 3 talent points and requires 30 points in other restoration talents. This will make your critical strike chance will all your spells increased a percentage and the critical strikes against you give a Natural perfection effect to reduce all damage taken by a percentage. It will last 8 seconds and can stack up to 3 times. Talent point one is 1%/1%, talent point two is 2%/3%, and talent point three is 3%/5%.

    Empowered Rejuvenation – This will hold up to 5 talent points and requires 35 talent points elsewhere. It will give the bonus healing effects of healing over time spells. Talent one is for 4%, talent point two is for 8%, talent point three is for 12%, talent point four is for 16%, and talent point five is for 20%.

    Tree of Life – This takes up to five talent points and requires 40 elsewhere in restoration. While in this form you will have increased healing by 25% of spirit for all party members within 45 yards, movement is reduced 20%, and you can only do swiftmend, nature’s swiftness, innervate, cleansing or healing over time spells but the mana cost is reduced by 20%.