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Guide to Destruction Warlock Talents Part Two

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Tells the rest of the talents on the Destruction Talent Tree for a Warlock in World of Warcraft.

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    Destruction Warlock Talents

    Destruction talents are mainly for the addition of buffs to your most heinous spells and getting you some decreased cooldowns and mana cost.

    Destructive Reach – It requires twenty skill points in Destruction and it has two ranks. It will increase the range of your Destruction spells and reduce the threat of them. Rank one will increase range by 10% and reduce thread by 5%. Rank two will increase range by 20% and reduce threat by 10%.

    Improved Searing Pain – It requires twenty Destruction points and has three ranks. It increases critical strike chance of Searing Pain. Rank one increases 4%, Rank two increases 7%, and Rank three increases 10%.

    Pyroclasm – It requires twenty Destruction points and two in Intensity. It has two ranks. Gives your Soul Fire, Hellfire, and Rain of Fire a chance to stun for 3 seconds. Rank one gives a 13% chance and Rank two gives 26%.

    Improved Immolate – It requires twenty Destruction points and has five ranks. Increases initial damage of Immolate. Rank one increases 5%, Rank two increases 10%, Rank three increases 15%, Rank four increases 20%, and Rank five increases 25%.

    Ruin – Requires twenty points in Destruction and 5 in Devastation, with a single rank. It will increase the critical strike damage bonus of Destruction spells by 100%.

    Nether Protection – It requires twenty five points in Destruction with three ranks. After being hit by a fire or shadow spell you have a chance to become immune to them for four seconds. Rank one is 10% chance, Rank two is 20%, and Rank three is 30%.

    Emberstorm – It requires twenty five points in Destruction with five ranks. It increases damage done by fire spells and reduces cast time of Incinerate. Rank one by 2%, Rank two by 4%, Rank three by 6%, Rank four by 8%, and Rank five by 10%.

    Backlash – It requires thirty destruction points and has three ranks. It will increase the spell critical strike chance by an added 1% and gives 8% chance when hit by a physical attack to reduce cast time of Shadow bolt or Incinerate by 100%. Lasts 8 seconds. Rank two adds 2% chance and 16% to reduce cast time, and Rank three adds 3% chance and 25% to reduce cast time.

    Conflagrate – Requires 30 destruction points and 5 improved immolate. It has one rank that ignites target that is afflicted by Immolate and deals fire damage and consumes the Immolate.

    Soul Leech – Requires 30 destruction skill points and has three ranks. Gives Shadowburn, Soul fire, Incinerate, Searing Pain, Conflagrate and Shadow bolt a chance to return health equal to 20% of the damage it caused. Rank one does 10%, Rank two does 20%, and Rank three does 30%.

    Shadow and Flame – It requires thirty five destruction points and five ranks. Shadow bolt and incinerate gains a percentage of bonus spell damage effects. Rank one gains 4%, Rank two gains 8%, Rank three gains 12%, Rank four gains 16%, and Rank five gains 20%.

    Shadowfury – Requires forty destruction skill points and five in shadow and flame. It has a single rank that releases Shadowfury causing shadow damage and stuns for all enemies in eight yards for two seconds.

    You can see that the Destruction tree has some varied skills and they are very lovely to have to inflict some serious damage on your enemies.