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Pilgrim's Bounty Power Leveling: Cooking for the Horde!

by: Rachael ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The Pilgrim's Bounty WoW Holiday centers around food, and provides a unique opportunity to power level cooking skill up to 350 at the cost of less than one gold. This guide is intended for Horde characters, but it also applicable for the Alliance; the cities will just be different.

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    Leveling Cooking in WoW: A Holiday Feast

    The Pilgrim's Bounty WoW holiday presents the perfect opportunity for leveling cooking in WoW quickly and cheaply. (If it's not Pilgrim's Bounty and you don't wish to wait, please see our regular cooking power leveling guide!) All ingredients for these recipes except the turkeys are available at the feast vendors in stacks of five for 25 copper per stack or less. This guide is intended for Horde characters, though is no doubt applicable to Alliance characters; the cities named will just be different.

    There is a cooking trainer at each of the feasting areas; they can teach up to Artisan cooking there. At cooking 275, a trip to Thrallmer is necessary to get the Master level cooking from the trainer in the inn.

    You'll be cooking a lot of each dish, but keep them handy since the daily quests require 20 of a dish. There is a daily quest for each dish.There is also a quest chain that sends you to various cities and requires preparing five of a particular dish at each; keep in mind that cooking a dish only counts if the quest is active at the time.

    At every feast area there are barrels of supplies that act as vendors; buying the book for one silver provides all five of the recipes required to get to about cooking 340.

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    Required Ingredient List

    The barrel of supplies. 1 x pilgrim's bounty recipe book (1s)

    80 x simple flour (25c for 5)

    80 x mild spices (10c for 5)

    400 x honey (25c for 5)

    240 x autumnal herbs (10c for 5)

    80 x cranberries (25c for 5)

    80 x sweet potatoes (25c for 5)

    80 x pumpkins (25c for 5)

    Wild turkeys are free for the hunting! 80 x wild turkeys (free for the hunting)

    Total cost: 43.4 silver for ingredients, about 1.5 hours of time. Not counted is the expense for learning recipes/new levels of cooking from the trainer.

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    Pilgrim's Bounty Guide for Leveling Cooking in WoW

    Cooking 1-100

    Get the cooking skill and train to make spice bread. This is the only recipe from the trainer that is actually required. Learn the first recipe from the book,for Spice Bread Stuffing. Make 60-80 spice bread, then buy the extra herbs to convert it in to stuffing. The Spice Bread Stuffing turns yellow at cooking 90, then green at cooking 102, so getting to 100 is no problem at all. All vendors sell the necessary ingredients, so this can be done in any city. Also, don't forget to stop at 50 and train for the next level of cooking so that no skill ups get missed!

    Cooking 100-160

    Learn the Pumpkin Pie recipe. Travel to Undercity; this is where the pumpkins are available. Buy 70-80 pumpkins and containers of honey to make pies. The pumpkin pie recipe goes yellow at 150 and green at 162. Make sure to train up to expert at cooking level 125.

    Hunt some turkeys over at Venomweb Vale Also while at Undercity, head over to Venomweb Vail and slaughter about 80 wild turkeys. They can be one shot by even low-level characters. These turkeys will be needed for the last leg of power leveling.

    Cooking 160-220

    Learn the Cranberry Chutney recipe, and head over to Orgrimmar. Buy 70-80 cranberries and containers of honey. The Cranberry Chutney recipe goes yellow at 210 and green at 222.

    Cooking 220-280

    Learn the Candied Sweet Potato recipe and head over to Thunder Bluff. Buy 70-80 sweet potatoes, containers of honey, and bunches of herbs. The recipe goes yellow at 270 and green at 282.

    Before going any further, make the trip out to Thrallmer to learn Master cooking skill. Unfortunately, the trainers at the feast tables don't go that high.

    Cooking 280-350(ish)

    Learn the Slow Roasted Turkey recipe. Buy 80 bunches of herbs and 160 containers of honey for 80 turkeys. 80 turkeys got me up to 348 - almost enough to get my Northrend cooking skill. The recipe goes yellow at 330, green at 342, and gray at 355, so it is possible to get all the way up to Northrend cooking with turkeys. It just may require more than 80.