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    • A WoW Quest Guide to the Deadmines Dungeon
      Situated deep within Alliance territory, just to the southwest of Stormwind in the Westfall zone, the Deadmines is one of the first dungeon experiences for new players. With the addition of the dungeon finder tool, more Horde players are also getting to see the Defias sanctuary.
    • The Clouds Above Uldum: Vortex Pinnacle Dungeon Guide
      This guide offers winning strategies against each boss in Vortex Pinnacle, an instance in "World of Warcraft: Cataclysm."
    • WoW Dungeon Guide: The Stockades
      Want to make the most out of doing the Stockades Dungeon in the World of Warcraft? Then check out this quest guide!
    • Violet Hold - Dungeon Guide (Regular) pt 1
      What is the set up and premise behind Violet Hold? Want to know the lore behind the dungeon before you head in? Well, here is all you need to know.
    • Violet Hold - Dungeon Guide (Regular) pt 2
      Want information on the bosses that make Violet Hold worth running? Get it from a player that actually knows what they are doing to make it worth your while.
    • World of Warcraft Dungeon Guide Index
      There are a lot of dungeon / instance guides for World of Warcraft on Brighthub. Here we compile the best of them, and lay them out in a logical way to assist people in finding what they're looking for. This will be updated regularly.
    • WoW Dungeon Guide: Gnomeregan
      Quests guide along with tips and tricks to get you through Gnomeregan!
    • WoW Dungeon Guide: Blackfathom Deeps
      This is a complete dungeon walkthrough of Blackfathom Deeps for both Horde and Alliance character in the World of Warcraft.

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