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The Ultimate FREE WoW Gold Making Guide: Engineering

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Many people don't try Engineering because they assume that it is a hard profession to level. And, it is - but if you know what your doing and you know some tips and tricks, then it can be a profitable one!

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    If you are in WoW for the gold factor, then engineering is not the profession for you. The only time that you can make money in WoW with engineering is when you reach 200+ and learn to make blacksmithing plans, goblin jumper cables, and other items that players can use without being an engineer. And, that will all depend on your server and how the economy is.

    If you are an engineer who's level is over 200, and you don't have the ability to make blacksmithing plans yet, here is where you go: Head to Tarren Mill and follow the river north. About half-way to the Plaguelands, you will find a narrow, overgrown path that leads up into the hills. After you go through a tunnel, you'll find a basement where there is an Engineer trainer who will teach you to make the plans. You then only need supplies, paper and ink, and you are in business!

    A good way to harvest mats for engineering that won't cost you much and return a profit is to purchase “target dummies” on AH. You must be able to use the dummies, then you simply use and let them expire. Once they've expired, all you have to do is loot them. You can then sell the fused wiring for 4-7g each on AH, depending on the market at the time. If you can sell them in stacks, you will watch your profits go way up.

    One secret to Engineering is that you want to always check the auction house before you craft items to sell. Check what is selling well and then make that item to undercut the other players who are selling them. Keep in mind that most of the items that you make are going to be items that only other engineers can use, so you don't want to make a ton of one thing if other players can't readily use it. It will simply be a waste of your materials and time - unless you are below level 150, which means that pretty much anything you make will have to be sold to vendors or disenchanted.

    In the next section of this guide, we'll talk about Leatherworking and how you can make gold with that profession.