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World of Warcraft Guide: Specialized Engineering Ingredients

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Tells what ingredients will be used in your engineering career in Blizzard's World of Warcraft when you take the specialization of Gnome or Goblin Engineering. A good handy printout so that you can always know "Do I need this?".

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    There are many items that you will need to gather up in your inventory to make all the things that will be at your disposal in Engineering teachings, plus if you are going to go into a specialization category there are even more schematics at your beck and call. Whether you are specializing in gnome engineering or goblin engineering, these are the ingredients that will assure that you can make whatever you'd like in the game. Keep in mind that the number of each of these ingredients you will need will vary depending on how many of the items you'll make, but this is the ingredient list of items that the recipes will call for if you are going to try to make them all.

    There is a two subsection articles in the For More Information section that will tell you about the recipes in each of the specialization categories, so that you can see what you'd like to take – gnome engineering or goblin engineering. Then when you've decided which one is more aligned with the character that you are creating, these are the ingredients that you will need to find or buy to make the recipes that you can have in gnome engineering or goblin engineering.

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    Gnome Engineering

    Blacksmithing Ingredients Needed: Inlaid Mithril Cylinder.

    Engineering Ingredients Needed: Fire Goggles, Gold Power core, Gyrochronatom, Mithril casing, Mithril tube, Solid blasting powder, Thorium widget, Truesilver transformer, and an Unstable trigger.

    Leatherworking Ingredients Needed: Dusky Belt

    Skinning Ingredients Needed: Heavy leather and Rugged leather

    Mining Ingredients Needed: Citrine, Jade, Star Ruby, Aquamarine, Mithril bar, Thorium bar, and Truesilver bar.

    Tailoring Ingredients Needed: Black Mageweave boots

    Loot Items Needed: Thick spider's silk, shadow silk, mageweave, ichor of undeath, Globe of water, Core of Earth, essence of undeath, flask of mojo, and fused wiring.

    Vendors Items Needed: Blank Parchment and Engineer's Ink

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    Goblin Engineering

    Alchemy Ingredients Needed: Goblin Rocket Fuel

    Engineering Ingredients Needed: Unstable trigger, Truesilver transformer, Thorium widget, The Big One, Solid Dynamite, Solid Blasting powder, Mithril tube, Mithril casing, Gold power core, Goblin Construction helmet, Big iron bomb, and accurate scope.

    Skinning Ingredients Needed: Heavy Leather

    Mining Ingredients Needed: Citrine, Mithril bar, star ruby, and Truesilver bar

    Tailoring Ingredients Needed: Black Mageweave Boots

    Loot Items Needed: Elemental fire, Mageweave cloth, fused wiring, heart of fire, and Ironweb spider silk.

    Vendor Items Needed: Blank parchment and engineer's ink

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