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World of Warcraft Guide: Engineering Ingredients

by: D Lamberti ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

There are many items that you will need to gather up in your inventory to make all the recipes included in the Engineering profession. This guide tells what ingredients will be used in your engineering career in Blizzard's World of Warcraft, from Apprentice to Master.

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    WoW Engineering Engineering is one of the primary professions that you can have in World of Warcraft. Many times you will make your way to the anvil just to realize that you are missing a key ingredient to a schematic that you want to make. There are many things that are common that you will tend to always have with you (especially if you also have the mining profession as your secondary) but many times you will need something that is generally not carried around in your inventory. This guide will help you know precisely what you will need, and at which level of Engineering. If you can't find the right ingredients in the wild or while questing, check out the auction house. Someone is always selling the ingredients that you'll need, though they won't come cheaply.

    There are many items that you will need to gather up in your inventory to make all the things that will be at your disposal in Engineering teachings. Whether you are an Apprentice or a Master, these are the ingredients that will assure that you can make whatever you'd like in the game. Buying extra bag slots in the bank can help you hold multiple amounts of these ingredients so you can continue to make Engineering recipes as you need to.

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    Apprentice Engineering

    Mining Ingredients Needed: Coarse stone, Copper bar, Malachite, and Rough stone

    Engineering Ingredients Needed: Coarse blasting powder, Copper Modulator, Copper tube, Handful of Copper bolts, and Rough blasting powder

    Loot Items Needed: Linen

    Vendor Items Needed: Weak flux and Wooden stock

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    Journeyman Engineering

    Engineering Ingredients Needed: Whirring Bronze Gizmo, Silver contact, Heavy Blasting Powder, Handful of Copper bolts, Flying Tiger Goggles, Copper Tube, Copper modulator, Coarse blasting powder, bronze tube, and bronze framework.

    Mining Ingredients Needed: Bronze bar, Copper bar, Gold bar, Heavy stone, Lesser moonstone, Malachite, Moss Agate, Shadowgem, Silver bar, and Tigerseye.

    Skinning Ingredients Needed: Heavy leather, Light leather, and Medium leather

    Loot Items Needed: Flask of oil, Wool cloth, and Small flame sac

    Vendor Items Needed: Nightcrawlers, Heavy stock, Wooden stock, Refreshing Spring water, and Weak flux

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    Expert Engineering

    Alchemy Ingredients Needed: Frost oil, Goblin rocket fuel, and catseye elixir

    Blacksmithing Ingredients Needed: Inlaid mithril cylinder

    Engineer Ingredients Needed: Bronze framework, Bronze tube, Gold power core, Green tinted goggles, gyrochronatom, heavy blasting powder, Iron strut, Mithril casing, Mithril tube, silver contact, Solid blasting powder, unstable trigger, and whirring bronze gizmo.

    Tailoring Ingredients Needed: Bolt of Mageweave

    Skinning Ingredients Needed: Heavy leather, Medium leather, and Thick leather.

    Mining Ingredients Needed: Steel Bar, Star Ruby, Solid Stone, Shadowgem, Mithril bar, Lesser moonstone, Jade, Iron Bar, citrine, and aquamarine.

    Loot Items Needed: Blue pearl, Elemental fire, Flask of oil, Fused wiring, mageweave, shadow silk, silk, and a snowball

    Vendor Items Needed: Heavy Stock and Refreshing Spring Water

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    Artisan Engineering

    Blacksmithing Ingredients Needed: Inlaid Mithril Cylinder

    Alchemy Ingredients Needed: Frost oil, Goblin rocket fuel, and arcanite bars

    Enchanting Ingredients Needed: Enchanted Leather and Enchanted Thorium Bar

    Leatherworking Ingredients Needed: Cured Rugged Hide

    Herbalism Ingredients Needed: Wildvine, Bloodvine and Icecap

    Engineering Ingredients Needed: Unstable Trigger, Truesilver Transformer, Thorium Widget, Thorium tube, Spellpower Goggles Xtreme, Solid Blasting powder, Mithril tube, Mithril Mechanical Dragonling, Gold power core, Mithril casing, fire goggles, Dense blasting powder, Delicate Arcanite Converter, and Deadly Scope.

    Mining Ingredients Needed: Aquamarine, Azerothian diamond, blue sapphire, dark iron bar, dense stone, huge emerald, jade, large opal, malachite, mithril bar, souldarite, star ruby, thorium bar, tigerseye, and truesilver bar.

    Skinning Ingredients Needed: Rugged leather and Thick leather

    Loot Items Needed: Deeprock Salt, elemental air, elemental earth, elemental fire, essence of air, essence of earth, essence of fire, essence of undeath, essence of water, fiery core, fused wiring, globe of water, heart of fire, heart of the wild, lava core, living essence, ironweb spider silk, powerful mojo and runecloth.

    Vendor Items Needed: Refreshing Spring Water

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    Master Engineering

    Mining Ingredients Needed: Fel iron bar, Fel Steel bar, Adamantite bar, Eternium bar, Khorium bar, living ruby, noble topaz, golden draenite, blood garnet, deep peridot, hardened adamantite, talasite, thorium bar, and nightseye.

    Leatherworking Ingredients Needed: Knothide leather and Heavy knothide leather.

    Engineering Ingredients Needed: Fel Iron Bolts, Fel Iron Casing, Fel Steel stabilizer, Hardened adamantite tube, adamantite frame, thorium tube, Khorium power core, elemental blasting powder and delicate arcanite converter.

    Alchemy Ingredients Needed: Super healing Potion and Super mana poition

    Tailoring Ingredients Needed: Spellcloth

    Enchanting Ingredients Needed: Large Prismatic Shard, Small Prismatic Shard, and Arcane Dust

    Loot Items Needed: Primal fire, Primal shadow, Primal Air, Primal Earth, Primal Water, Primal Life, Primal Mana, Mote of Fire, Mote of Earth, and Netherweave cloth.


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