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The Ultimate FREE WoW Gold Making Guide: Blacksmithing

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

There have to be some professions in the game that aren't as profitable, and blacksmithing is one - unless you know a few tips and tricks to employ.

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    Blacksmithing is another one of those professions that won't make you a ton of gold unless you are very high in it. This profession is mostly used to make armor, and while you will sell armor on the AH for profits, once you hit a level above 300 with this profession, you'll finally start to see some gold come in. If you do choose blacksmithing, then mining is the best choice for your second profession, which can make you a ton of gold. Having mining as your other profession will also save you money on mats, as you can mine them for free without purchasing them from the AH or other players.

    But, for those wanting to earn a ton of gold, blacksmithing isn't the way to go right off.

    Now, once you get this profession leveled up past 250, things will start to change. You will learn some great recipes and patterns that will allow you to make special weapons and armor that will always sell well on the auction house. Here is on major tip that most Blacksmiths learn the hard way - MAKE SURE YOU READ THE PATTERN BEFORE YOU MAKE IT. There are so many great patterns and recipes that you will pick up, either through the auction house, or by drops or vendor, that will allow you to make blues, purples, and more that will seem so sweet. But, in reality, they are BoP (bind on pickup), which means that you can't sell them except to a vendor, and you probably will be spending a ton on the materials that you need to make the item in the first place. So, make sure that you read to find out if the item is BoP before you sink money into making it - unless it is an item that you can use.

    Also, as you level up past Master and Grand Master, you will gain access to some great recipes and patterns that will also allow you to make awesome armor that will sell well on the AH. While most people will replace their armor tons of times while they are in Northrend, starting out with some good armor is key. So, make sure that you level up your blacksmithing as fast as possible so that you can gain access to the awesome selection of patterns available in NR.

    In the next section of this guide, we'll go through Engineering to show you what you need to know.