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The Ultimate FREE WoW Gold Making Guide: Enchanting

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Enchanting is one of the funnest and easiest ways to make gold in WoW. Here are some helpful tips and tricks that you can use to make some great cash for your toon.

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    Enchanting is one profession where you will make gold off both the mats and some the enchants, once you reach a high level, that is. When you are a low-level enchanter, you can suck up all the green items you can find to disenchant. When you do this, you will get mats in return, such as: small glowing shard, greater magic essence, and so on. While you can always sell them, it's best to get the highest stacks possible before you do. This will always bring you a ton of gold in quick, as people would rather spend a little more for a stack of 20 than they would for a smaller stack of 9 or 10.

    A good way to gain green items is to either A: send them from an alt you have, or B: run one of the dungeons. Once you hit a high enough level to do some of the lower level dungeons alone, you can get some awesome greens to DE (disenchant). RageFire Canyon is a great one to run solo once you hit level 25+ and you will get a ton of green's to DE.

    One other major good point about being able to DE items is when you get an item from a quest that you don't want or can't use. Or, when you get a BoP (bind on pickup) item from a drop. You can sell them at a cheap price to a vendor, or you can DE them and triple your cash from these items on AH by selling the mats.

    But, aside from DE items, there is a high demand for enchants in most of the servers today. Usually, these are for enchants for weapons, and you can make a good tip on them. Just remember the rule from earlier and ask politely for a tip if another player solicits you for an enchant. You will often find that most people will advertise on the trade channel in the major cities which enchant they are looking for, such as a 2H (two-handed weapon enchant) and normally, if they are looking for a specific enchant, they will offer a tip or to purchase the mats – sometimes both.

    Especially now that the expansion is out, the mats for higher level enchants is extreme. So, you can gather up items to DE and make some great profits from the materials on the AH and still level up your enchanting skill.

    In the next section of this series, we'll go through the last profession in WoW, Jewelcrafting.