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Altered Gamer's World of Warcraft's guide for dungeons, quests, raiding and arenas. How to get the most out of instances, boss fights, achievements and more.

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  • Five Reasons to Get into the Argent Tournament Action
    So you flew into the Argent Tournament grounds, picked up a lance, and failed miserably at jousting. After a few lackluster tries, you just gave up. Here's how and why to master the tournament and reap the substantial rewards.
  • Know Your Place: What Your Queue Can Do For You In WoW's Arenas
    Situational awareness, team coordination and game-plan execution are some of the most importance factors in ranked arena success in World of Warcraft. But smart players recognize the value of knowing the queue system intimately: We take a look at how to use the queue to your advantage in ranked PvP.
  • Guide to Jousting in the World of Warcraft Argent Tournament
    World of Warcraft's new mounted combat system can be a bit complicated for those just starting out. Our guide to jousting will have you besting your Argent Tournament opponents in no time.
  • World of Warcraft Argent Tournament Achievements
    It takes time and dedication to earn all the achievements the new WoW Argent Tournament has to offer. Here's our guide to the rewards.
  • Secrets of Ulduar - The Argent Tournament
    With the new World of Warcraft 3.1 patch, Secrets of Ulduar, was added a brand new in game event and daily quest zone for players level 80. This area is called the Argent Tournament. Players compete with NPCs and with eachother in mounted jousting matches for glory and a good deal of Reputation.

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  • WoW Ulduar Raid Boss Guide - Auriaya
    Auriaya is found patrolling the Ring of Observation right past Kologarn and the Shattered Walkway. She is nicknamed the Crazy Cat Lady because of the various ways in which she uses cats during the fight. One such cat is a Feral Defender that has nine lives.
  • WoW Ulduar Raid Boss Guide - General Vezax
    General Vezax is the 12th boss in Ulduar - the last line of defense before your raid engages the Old God Yogg-Saron. This half bug half crab thing can be quite deadly, and more than a little frustrating, but if you're raid understands how to handle each of his abilities the fight becomes simple.
  • Ulduar Raid Boss Guide - The Iron Army and Flame Leviathan
    The Iron Army and the Flame Leviathan will stop at nothing to keep you and your raid from breeching the outer gates of Ulduar. Introduced in the World of Warcraft 3.1 patch, Ulduar is a new 14-boss raid instance. Read strategy for the first boss, Flame Leviathan, as well as tips for the battle.
  • World of Warcraft Vault of Archavon Emalon Raid Boss Guide
    One of WoW's newest raid bosses is Emalon in the Vault of Archavon. Check out the most effective strategies for taking him down.
  • WoW Ulduar Raid Boss Guide - Hodir
    Learn the strategy for fighting and defeating Hodir, the frosty corrupted Watcher found in the new raid instance, Ulduar! Learn how to use the frozen NPCs in conjunction with your own raiding skills to bring this big guy down before his 9 minute enrage timer.

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  • WoW Guide to Raiding the Firelands
    These seven bosses comprise the toughest challenge of World of Warcraft's patch 4.2. Can you survive the Firelands? What's the minimum iLvl of gear you should have, and which abilities can you expect from the bosses and trash? Find out in Bright Hub's comprehensive guide.
  • WoW Ulduar Raid Guide - Yogg-Saron
    Yogg-Saron is boss encounter in Ulduar of extreme difficulty, with options to make the fight even more difficult to unlock improved loot, achievements, and bragging rights. This 10-15 minute fight will press even the most skilled raiders, and is difficult for DPS, Healers, and Tanks.
  • Learning How to Raid in World of Warcraft
    Many players are excited about raiding, but they are not sure if they are prepared. For a player who has never managed to raid in Azeroth before, here is a brief guide that includes information that extends to many other MMORPGs.
  • Trial of the Crusader Raid Guide - Faction Champions
    The World of Warcraft Faction Champions boss fight in Trial of the Crusader is a very dynamic battle. The strategy and setup changes every single week depending on the composition of your own raid group, and also on the randomly selected group of Faction Champions that you will be fighting.
  • Trial of the Crusader Raid Guide - Lord Jaraxxus
    Lord Jaraxxus is the accidental second boss in the World of Warcraft Trial of the Crusader raid dungeon. Inwittingly summoned by the Warlock Wilfred Fizzlebang, this Eredar Lord will give your raid a run for your money unless you use the proper strategy.