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The Nexus Instance Guide: Defeating Grand Magus Telestra

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Now that you've found the Nexus and you're brave enough to go in, want to know how to defeat that first main boss you'll come up against – Grand Magus Telestra? Well, this part of the series will go through the strategies to defeat her.

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    Grand Magus Telestra

    174px-Grand Magus Telestra She is a high elf boss in the Nexus. While there isn't much known about her yet, she is considered to be one of the many mages of Kirin Tor, one of the Lich King's associates who has sided with Malygos to be able to keep her arcane powers. She is one of those bosses that you have to fight in phases so be ready for all of this – make sure that you are buffed up, have plenty of pots on you, and a great healer.

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    The Fight: Round 1

    The first round of the fight with Telestra is easy compared to the other two. First, she throws out firebombs, which hit for about 800 damage each hit to anyone they come in contact with. These have a small range around where they hit, so you need to make sure that you are on the lookout for these when she throws them out.

    She will also cast Ice Nova, which is a major hard hitting spell that will whack you for 2300-2650 frost damage to everyone in 60 yards of her, and it will stun you for three seconds as well. This is a major attack, and if you aren't ready for this one, it will easily wipe out those who don't have a lot of high level armor, such as cloth wearers. Your healer will need to be ready and watching for this one as well, and move out of range so that he/she can easily heal up those players who are unlucky enough to get hit.

    Last but not least, she casts out a Gravity Well that will pull everyone in 60 yards to her. This deals 75 shadow damage to the player for 6 seconds. While this one doesn't hit quite as hard as the Ice Nova, it can be really annoying and interrupt your casting and attacks as well.

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    The Fight: Round Two

    This part of the fight when she hits 50% health. She'll actually vanish and then clone herself 3 imes. Each different clone will cast spells from one of the mage trees: frost, fire, or arcane. While the clones can be polymorphed, you need to make sure that no one uses AoE spells or damages them to undo the morph. By using morph or another type of freezing or stun spell, your group can take out the other clones easier without worrying about a second or third one.

    The attacks that each clone will throw at you in the instance will all differ a bit, depending on which tree the clone is from. The frost clone will throw out Ice Barbs and Blizzards at players, which will freeze and stun those who get hit. The fire clone will throw out Fire Blast and Scorch, which incinerate the players over time. But, it is the arcane clone that you want to watch out for, as she throws out Time Stop, which stuns everyone for 2 seconds and she will also use Critter, which will morph players, but can be dispelled by healers.

    It is best to take out the frost clone first, then move on to the arcane clone and then to the fire clone. When you take the clones out, Telestra will then reappear with her 50% health again.

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    The Fight: Round 3

    This starts when all the clones are gone and Telestra reappears. Continue to fight her as you did at first, but, when she reaches 25% health, you will have to watch carefully. She will first freeze everyone in place and then send out Fireball Volley (which is an AoE fireball spell) that will whack everyone in 30 yards of her. As long as you watch for the freeze and make sure that your healer and casters are out of range of the fire volley, you will find that you can get her down and out quickly.

    In the next part of this series, we'll go through how to defeat Ormorok the Tree-Shaper, an elemental boss in the Nexus.

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