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World of Warcraft Instance Guide: The Blood Furnace - Trash and The Maker

by: Jesma ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The Blood Furnace is a fun, challenging, and (sometimes) quick instance to complete. With the right group it can be farmed time and again. However, it can be very difficult on heroic due to its already-intense boss fights.

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    Location: Hellfire Peninsula, Hellfire Citadel

    Level Range: 60-64

    Reputation: Honor Hold / Thrallmar

    Completion Time: 60-80 Minutes

    Boss Count: 3

    Quests: Heart of Rage, The Blood is Life

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    Trash Mobs


    The trash in Blood Furnace is made up largely of Humanoids and Demons. There are a few large pulls, but most are within normal range. Having a Warlock in your group makes things easier as they can Banish/Enslave demons when necessary. Mages and Rogues are also very effective crowd control. Some of the fights run long, so a Shadow Priest can be of great help. Having a Mage or Druid around to remove curses on the fly is also incredibly helpful.

    Throughout the instance you must beware of Orc Rogues stealthing around. These Rogues have enhanced AI, so that they ignore plate wearers and go straight for clothies - especially healers. There are several on and around the staircase near the entrance, and in a few other dark corners. You should have someone scout the area before making major pulls.

    There are several large rooms full of packs of mobs, as well as roaming patrols. These pulls must be made with patience and care, to avoid pulling multiple groups. You must also watch out for Shadowmoon Technicians, and kill them quickly in any pack their in. They will silence the group as well as throw bombs and drop landmines, making them extremely deadly.


    Trash isn't changed on heroic mode besides the normal damage increase. Crowd control is essential as with all heroics, but this trash isn't particularly difficult.

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    Boss Fight - The Maker


    While The Maker is not a particularly difficult fight, he does use a few tricks that can make your life difficult (if not short, as well). The hardest ability to deal with is that he will randomly mind control someone. Mind control can, and should, be removed by Cleanse or Dispell Magic. The other major thing he does is that he throws a beaker, dealing a decent amount of Nature damage and knocking the party member into the air for a few seconds. This can, and will, effect the tank as well. If the tank gets tossed, everyone should stop what they are doing until he can return to aggo-building.


    Heroic mode isn't any different, accept that he deals an increased amount of damage. His beaker throw deals 2500 nature damage to a random party member and therefore can be very dangerous, especially if it hits a healer. Kill him quickly and you won't have to worry so much.

World of Warcraft Instance Guide - The Blood Furnace of Hellfire Citadel

While not the hardest instance ever, The Blood Furnace can be difficult if you have the wrong group. The trash is easy, but the bosses are tough, so read up and it'll be fast and easy.
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