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World of Warcraft – Zul'Farrak Mini Guide Pt 3

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

This third part to the Zul'Farrak mini guide will tell you the strategy that your group should follow so that you can do the steps and wipe out everything quickly.

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    The Steps and Beyond

    Now that you've done all of that, it is time for everyone's favorite part – the steps! You really need a strong group here and someone who has cleared this before so that they know what's coming up next, otherwise it can make this part hard. Make sure that everyone is healed up and ready for the temple (the steps). You want to clear the way to the temple, clear up the steps, and then kill the boss at the tip. He is probably the easiest boss in the game to kill. Now, loot the key from him – but DON'T open the cages yet. Have everyone sit and heal up, mana up, and buff up first because when the next part starts, there is NO rest at all. Before the one with the key opens the cages, have everyone go to the top of the steps and get in a ready position, but DON'T go down them. The fight is easier from the top.

    Then, have the key holder open the cages and get in position at the top of the steps as well. The people that you have just let out of the cages will help you on this part – but it is still hard. There are tons of waves of mobs with this part, some will be elites and some won't. Try to take down the elites first if you can – but this isn't always possible. Once you get one wave done, try to heal or mana up as quick as you can because the next wave will start right away. Potions are great here, so try to have a ton with you for this part. You will know when you're getting close to the end, as the NPC's that you just let out will start going down the stairs. Help kill the mobs and the bosses on the ground.

    This is the hard part of the temple – everyone needs to heal up as fast as they can and have one person go talk to the little guy at the back left side of the NPC group. Have him blow open the door and then he'll go do it. Next, you need to talk to the commander of the NPC group about the Divino-matic rod. He'll get red and now you get to fight the group of NPCs! You have to do this before they port out of the instance too and they port quick, so it's best to talk to the guy to blow up the door and then talk to him asap. Now, make sure that everyone loots him for the rod, and that part is done.

    In the final part of this guide to the Zul'Farrak instance, I'll tell you how to complete the instance.

Zul'Farrak Mini Guide

This mini guide to the Zul'Farrak instance in World of Warcraft will take players through the prep, the bosses, and the best part of all - the steps - so that their group can clear this instance as quickly as possible.
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