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World of Warcraft – Zul'Farrak Mini Guide Pt 4

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

This last part to the Zul'Farrak mini guide will tell you the strategy that your group should follow so that you can wipe out everything quickly and get out.

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    In The End

    After all of that, your group should now have a long corridor that leads up from the door that got blown up. Head toward it after your group has had time to heal up. There are only two patrols here, and they are pretty easy to wipe out. When you get to the top, hold everyone back from the entrance so that everyone can heal up. There will be 4 snakes here, usually two on each side, and 2 bosses that you'll have to kill. None of these are hard, as long as everyone plays their role. Then, you need to go back down the corridor and go to the left, then wipe the patrols there too.

    Once your group reaches the end of the corridor stop and have your tank pull the mobs over to you so that everyone can wipe them there. There are two of them that will have two trolls and one basilisk with them. Don't pull both patrols, just one at a time or they will overwhelm you. Clear out to the left corner of the area and then move the group there. Now, start pulling the mobs that you see to this area. Have your Mage ready in case some try to run or they will aggro more mobs and you will wipe. One of the mobs that you will pull in this part will be called Hydromancer Velratha. He will drop the second part of the tablet that you need so everyone will need to loot him too. After these are all down, you can clear all around the pool and get ready for the last boss.

    When the pool is cleared, you can then move the group to the very south edge of the pool to release Gahz'rilla. He is actually pretty easy – just make sure that everyone knows what their part is in the group. But, any casters should stay as far back as possible as he loves to fling people and this can be bad for your main casters.

    Once he is dead, you are done with the instance. You can now go back and turn in all those quests for some great xp. And, even though you are done with these quests, you can still run the instance for more xp since it is a great one to run multiple times.

Zul'Farrak Mini Guide

This mini guide to the Zul'Farrak instance in World of Warcraft will take players through the prep, the bosses, and the best part of all - the steps - so that their group can clear this instance as quickly as possible.
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