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WoW Guide Review: Team iDemise Horde Guide Pt 2

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Ready to see the conclusion of this Horde leveling guide review? Want to know how it performed in-game for me and what I thought about the addons and the guide worked? Well, here you go!

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    The Gamer's Side

    After seeing all of this cool stuff, I decided to try out this guide on my Death Knight, which is currently in Zangramarsh. I had just gotten there, so I adjusted the addon to that area and started following the directions. I had just dinged level 61 when I rode into the area, so I was basically starting from maybe 500xp above level 61. I followed all of the directions that the guide gave me and gave myself an hour to play with it. Would you believe that I leveled up to 2 bars from level 62 in an hour? I almost couldn't believe it myself. I continued to use the guide for a bit longer and it only took me about 20 more minutes to hit level 62. Impressive? I thought so.

    So, I headed over and create a new toon and tried it out in the Tauren starting area that I wasn't that familiar with. Here, I leveled from 1 up to 20 in less than two hours. Amazing in my opinion, as I was in no way familiar with this area (I prefer undead for some reason). Ok, so let's head over to the Undead starting area, where I have done too many speed runs. Instead of using my own normal path, I used the Team iDemise leveling guide. And, what do you know... I hit level 20 in less time with the leveling guide that I did in the Tauren area. (For reference, I normally do this area in about an hour and a half.)

    After putting it to use in several other areas of the game, I have to admit – I'm impressed. I think that this guide could help anyone, no matter if you are a veteran player or a noob, get to level 70 in the quickest way possible. So, for the actually use of the guide in game, I have to go again with a glowing 5 out of 5.

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    Now, here is the only part that I didn't like. It's not updated to level 80 yet. I am awaiting this, as I have already gone through most of Northrend and I cannot wait to see how they do it as well. So, for anyone out there who is ready to head into the game and get going on a toon – you need this guide. And, I'm sure when they update it with the level 70-80 areas, you'll find tons of more level 80 toons roaming around in Northrend.

World of Warcraft Horde Leveling Guide: Team iDemise

The two parts of this review will take you through the different areas of the guide, such as installation and useage, and let you know exactly what a hard core gamer thinks of Team iDemise's Horde leveling guide.
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