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Undead Power Leveling Path From 1-10 in WoW

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

For those who prefer the Undead race in World of Warcraft, we haven't left you out! Here is your beginning Undead power leveling guide that will get you to level 10+ asap.

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    The Undead

    The Undead start in Deathknell, as do all Undead classes. You should also do all the quests here to be as high as possible before you start out toward other areas of the game. Here is the fastest way to do the quests and get to the main leveling path:

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    Levels 1-10

    1.Head out of the dungeon and get “Rude Awakening" from the NPC at the entrance to the dungeon.

    2.Turn it in in Deathknell and get “The Mindless Ones"

    3.Do it and turn it in to get “Simple Scroll", “Rattling the Rattlecages", and “The Damned"

    4.Turn in “Simple Scroll" then go do “The Damned" and “Rattling the Rattlecages".

    5.Turn them in and get “Marla's Last Wish", “Night Web Hollow", and “Scavenging Deathknell".

    6.Go do “Marla's Last Wish" and “Scavenging Deathknell". The boxes are all around the buildings in Deathknell.

    7.Turn in “Marla's Last Wish" and “Scavenging Deathknell".

    8.Go do “Night Web Hollow" and turn it in to get “The Scarlet Crusade".

    9.Turn in “The Scarlet Crusade" and get “The Red Messenger".

    10.Get any new spells/abilities and go do “The Red Messenger".

    11.Turn it in and get “Vital Intelligence".

    12.Then, head out of Deathknell and take the road to Brill.

    13.Grind as you go so that you are level six when you get to Brill.

    14.Get “A Rogue's Deal" and “Fields of Grief" from the NPC's on the road to Brill.

    15.On the way to Brill, you should pass a huge, white NPC named Gordo that will give you the quest “Gordo's Task". Do it on the way to Brill as well, you'll find the Doom Weed all over the place.

    16.When you get to Brill, turn in “Vital Intelligence", “Gordo's Task", and “A Rogue's Deal"

    17.Get “A Putrid Task", “At War With The Scarlet Crusade", “Wanted: Maggot Eye", and “Graverobbers!" (which is given from the NPC in the town hall).

    18.Go into the tavern in Brill and make it your new home. Upstairs, you'll find the first aid trainer, and in the back room, you'll find the cooking trainer.

    19.Go out and do “A Putrid Task" and then turn it in.

    20.Get “The Mills Overrun" and “Doom Weed".

    21.Then, go west of the graveyard and do “Wanted: Maggot Eye" (he is usually in the western most building past the fields, and he can be a bit hard to do at lower levels), “Graverobbers!", and “Doom Weed".

    22.Then, turn in “Wanted: Maggot Eye", “Doom Weed", and “Graverobbers!"

    23.Get “Forsaken Duties" and “The Prodigal Lich".

    24.Then, head west and do “Fields of Grief", “At War With The Scarlet Crusade", and “The Mills Overrun".

    25.While you're doing “The Mills Overrun", a mob should drop a letter that will start “A Letter Undelivered".

    26.Head back and turn them all in and get “A New Plague", “A Letter Undelivered", “At War With The Scarlet Crusade", “Proof Of Demise", “Death's In The Family", and “The Haunted Mills".

    27.Then, go do “Forsaken Duties" and get “Rear Guard Control" and “Return to the Magistrate".

    28.Then, do “At War With The Scarlet Crusade", “A New Plague", and “Proof Of Demise".

    29.Head to Undercity and get the flight path there.

    30.Turn in “The Prodigal Lich". You can skip “The Lich's Identity".

    31.While you're in Undercity, get any new spells/abilities that you can and you can also get any professions that you'd like as well.

    32.Then, head back to Brill and turn in “Return to the Magistrate", “Proof of Demise", “At War With The Scarlet Crusade", and “A New Plague".

    33.Get “At War With The Scarlet Crusade" and “A New Plague". You can skip “Delivery to Silverpine Forest".

    34.Then, go do the third part to “At War With The Scarlet Crusade" and “A New Plague".

    35.Turn them in.

    36.If you are level ten, head to Undercity and get any new spells/abilities, if not, grind until you are.

    37.Then, go to the tower that is across from the entrance to Undercity and get on the zepplin to Orgrimmar.

    38.When you land, get off the tower and head into Orgrimmar and get the flight path there.

    39.Head out of Orgrimmar to Razor Hill and then head to the Crossroads.

    40.You can skip to the main leveling path from here.

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