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Free WoW Horde Leveling Guide: Levels 30-35

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

No matter which class you are when you play a Horde toon, there is one main leveling path that will get you through the game as quickly as possible. Here is where you need to go and what you need to do for levels 30-35.

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    Levels 30-35

    1.When you hit level 30, and you have gotten Hecular's Rod for the quest, go to Tarren Mill and fly to UC. Find your class trainer and get any new spells or abilities, then fly back to TM.

    2.Turn in the first part of “Hecular's Revenge” and get the second part of the chain.

    3.Head back to the Yeti cave and charge the rod. One flame is up and to the right when you enter the cave, the second is down the left path and around underneath the first flame.

    4.Stay in the cave and grind Yetis until your pet levels to where you are.

    5.Then, head out of the cave and up into the Alterac Mountains.

    6.Do “Elixir of Pain” by killing the mountain lions here. They are higher level up here, so you'll get more XP, but they will gang on you if you aren't careful.

    7.Then, charge Hecular's Rod with the third flame.

    8.Now, go and kill Frostmaw. He is a level 37, but you can do it if you use your pet right. If you fail, you can try again, or come back later. If you do kill him, put his mane in your bank since you turn this quest in at level 43.

    9.Then, you need to go to Southshore to finish “Hecular's Rod”. You can do this one of two ways: 1 – Use your pet to distract the guards while you drive the rod into the grave, or 2 – die on purpose near the grave yard so you'll resurrect there. Have the spirit healer bring you back to life and drive the rod into the grave quick and run like heck. Either way works great.

    10.Go back to TM and turn in “Elixir of Pain” and get “The Hammer May Fall”.

    11.Then run to the Arathi Highlands.

    12.Do “The Hammer May Fall” and then run up to Hammerfall avoiding the mobs by the roads.

    13.Get “Hammerfall” and then turn it in and get “Raising Spirits”.

    14.Turn in “The Hammer May Fall”.

    15.Get the flight path here.

    16.Go out of Hammerfall and to the left and do “Raising Spirits”.

    17.Turn it in and get the second part of this chain.

    18.Then, turn it in and get the third part of “Raising Spirits”.

    19.Turn it in and then skip “Guile of the Raptor”.

    20.Hearth back to Orgimmar and get on the zeplin to Grom'Gol.

    21.Get the flight path here, get “Welcome to the Jungle”, and then go out of Grom'Gol, and start doing the following hunter quests: “Tiger Mastery”, “Panther Mastery”, and “Raptor Mastery”.

    22.Once you've done these, accept “Tiger Mastery” and “Raptor Mastry” but don't do them yet. You can also skip the rest of the quests here for now.

    23.If you aren't level 31 by now, grind until you are, then hearth to Orgimmar.

    24.Fly to the Crossroads and run west to get the quest “The Swarm Grows”.

    25.Then, head west to the guy in the little hut and get “The Kolkar of Desolace”.

    26.Head back to the Crossroads and fly to Thousand Needles.

    27.From Thousand Needles, head out to the Shimmering Flats.

    28.Get the following quests: “Hemet Nesingwary”, “Wharfmaster Dizzywig” but don't do them just yet.

    29.Also get, and go do: “A Bump in the Road”, “Hardened Shells”, “Load Lightening”, “Rocket Car Parts”, “Salt Flat Venom”.

    30.Do these all and turn them in and get: “Goblin Sponsorship” and “Martak the Exiled”. Skip “Encrusted Tail Fins”.

    31.You should either be to level 32 or a bar away from it. If you aren't 32 yet, grind until you are.

    32.Run into Gadgetzan and get the flight path there, the Horde flight path is at the entrance to Gadgetzan when you run there from 1K Needles, the Alliance one is on the other side.

    33.Then, you should hearth to Orgimmar and turn in 'The Swarm Grows” and get the second part to it.

    34.Then, get “Alliance Relations” from Craven Drok in the Cleft of Shadow.

    35.Go to Keldran in Orgimmar and get the second part to “Alliance Relations”.

    36.Find the first aid trainer here and get your silk bandage training. ***But, Don't use all your extra cloth leveling this up. You'll need it for a Cloth Donation quest later.

    37.Then, fly to Stonetalon Mountains and run to Desolace.

    38.When you reach Desolace, start to kill mobs when you get to Thunder Axe Fortress until you get Flayed Demon Skin, which will start the quest “The Corruper”.

    39.Keep going down the road and do the quest “Kodo Roundup”, you don't have to finish it all right now, as there are many of these here.

    40.Continue on to Ghost Walker Post and turn in “The Kolkar of Desolace” and get “Khan Dez'hepah”.

    41.Get the quest “Galkis Alliance” but skip “Magram Alliance”.

    42.Then, turn in “Alliance Relations” and get the second part of the chain as well as “Befouled by Satyr”.

    43.Then turn in “The Corrupter” and get the second part of this chain.

    44.Go turn in “Alliance Relations” part 2 and get “The Burning of Spirits”.

    45.Now, go do: “Befouled by Spirits”, “The Corrupter”, “Khan Dez'hepah”, and “Galkis Alliance”.

    46.Head back to Ghost Walker Post and turn in “Khan Dez'hepah” and get “Centaur Bounty”.

    47.Then, turn in “Befouled by Satyr” and the second part to “The Corrupter” and get the third part to “The Corrupter”.

    48.Now, run to Shadowprey Village.

    49.On the way, stop and turn in “Gelkis Alliance” and get “Stealing Supplies”.

    50.When you get to Shadowprey Village, get all the quests there: “Other Fish to Fry”, “Hand of Iruxos”, “Clam Bait”, and “Hunting in Stranglethorn”.

    51.Go to the inn and make Shadowprey Village your home.

    52.Now, head out and do: “Clam Bait”. You'll go up and down the coast getting Soft-Shelled Clam Meat for this one. While you're here, go into the water and get 10 Shellfish to turn in at the dock for 2 Bloodbelly Fish.

    53.At the wrecked boat on the shore, get the quest “Claim Rackmore's Treasure”. You'll find the silver key is dropped by a Drysnap and the gold key is dropped by a Slitherblade.

    54.Get the quest “Sceptre of Light” from the Argent Dawn guy.

    55.Head back to the Thunder Axe Fortress and do: “The Burning of Spirits”, “Sceptre of Light”, and “Hand of Iruxos”.

    56.Then, head back to the Argent Dawn guy and turn in “Sceptre of Light” and get “Book of the Ancients”.

    57.Now, head out into the water and do all of these: “Other Fish to Fry”, “Clam Bait”, “The Corrupter” part 3, “Book of the Ancients”, and “Claim Rackmore's Treasure”.

    58.Go and turn in “Claim Rackmore's Treasure” and turn in “Book of the Ancients”.

    59.Go get the quest “Bone Collector” while you are on your way back to Ghost Walker Post.

    60.When you get to Ghost Walker Post, turn in: “The Burning of Spirits”, “Catch of the Day”, and “The Corrupter” part 3 and get the 4th part of the chain. (There is a part 5, but it's best to skip it.)

    61.Head back out and do “Bone Collector” at the Kodo graveyard, “Centaur Bounty”, and “Stealing Supplies”.

    62.Then, turn in “Centaur Bounty” and “Bone Collector”.

    63.Use your hearthstone to Shadowprey Village and then stable your pet.

    64.Turn in all the outstanding quests that you have there, which should be: “Other Fish to Fry”, “Clam Bait”, “Stealing Supplies”, and “Hand of Iruxos”. This should bring you to at least level 34 or a few bars beyond.

    65.Find and tame a Scorpashi Lasher to get Claw Rank 5.

    66.Then, fly to CT.

    67.When you land at CT, run to Dushmallow Marsh.

    68.Get the three quest objects at Shady Rest Inn: “Suspicious Hoofprints”, “Lieutenant Paval Reethe”, and “The Black Shield”. You'll find one right outside the Inn's front door, one is laying on the planks on the ground by the Inn, and the other is on the fireplace.

    69.Go to Brackenwall Village and turn those three quests in and get second part to “The Black Shield”. There is a 3rd part, but you should skip it for right now.

    70.At the troll vendor in town, you can buy the first 3 first aid books, so buy them so you can level up your first aid.

    71.Fly to Rachet and turn in: “Goblin Sponsorship” and “Wharfmaster Dizzywig”, and get the second part of “Goblin Sponsorship” and the quest “Parts for Kravel”.

    72.Go to the dock to get on the boat to go to Booty Bay.

    73.While you're waiting on the boat (since it can take a long time), level up your first aid.

    74.Go to the Inn in Booty Bay and make it your new home.

    75.When you get to Booty Bay, turn in “Goblin Sponsorship” and get the third part to this chain and get the 4th part to it from Baron Rebilgaz.

    76.You should still have your Scorpashi Lasher as your current pet and your cat stabled.

    77.Fly to Grom'Gol and get all the quests there: “Trollbane”, “Bloody Bone Necklaces”, “The Vile Reef”, “Mok'thardin's Encroachment”, “The Defense of Grom'Gol”, “Bloodscalp Insight”, and “Hunt for Yenniku”.

    78.Find the hunter trainer and get any new spells and abilities.

    79.Then, head out and tame a Stranglethorn Tiger for your new pet. This cat is very powerful and fast, and is a good pet to keep for the rest of the game.

    80.***When you are out questing/grinding, and you get any of the Green Hills of Stranglethorn pages, keep them and mail them to your alt for a later quest. The pages that you will need are: 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, and 27. After you have them all, you can mail them back to this character.

    81.Go out of Grom'Gol and do these quests: “Tiger Mastery”, “Singing Blue Shards”, “Bloodscalp Ears”, “Bloodscalp Insight”, “Bloody Bone Necklaces”, “Hunt for Yenniku”, “The Defense of Grom'Gol”, and “Raptor Mastery”.

    82.When you have all of these except “Bloody Bone Necklaces” completed, head back to Grom'Gol.

    83.When you turn in “Hunt for Yenniku” get the quest “Headhunting”, when you turn in “The Defense of Grom'Gol” get the second part of the quest, and when you turn in “Bloodscalp Insight” get the quest “An Unusual Patron”.

    84.This should push you to/over level 35.