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I Dinged Level 80: Now What? Preparing for Raiding: Heroics, Enchants, and more for Warlock

by: sinisterporpoise ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Warlocks spend their career using the forces of the Burning Legion against it and the Scourge. When they reach 80, the game does not end. Like all casters, they need intellect, spell power, crit and hit for raids. Warloks need stamina as well.

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    Staring Into the Abyss of the Burning Legion

    A warlock on his steed Dealing with demons and dangerous forces does not phase the Azerothian warlock. Many warlocks turn the powers used by the Burning Legion against its members effectively, just as Death Knights use the powers of the Scourge against it. Players whose warlocks reach level 80 may retire their character or work on gearing getting their chracters ready for raids. The methods warlocks and other ranged dps classes use to improve their classes are similar. The stats a warlock needs do not exactly match those that a magician or a shaman needs.

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    Important Stats for the World of Warcraft Warlock

    Warlocks rely on intellect, stamina, spell power, hit, and crit ratings. All casters need about a 17 percent hit rating so that they can hit the higher level raid mobs reliably. Because the life tap spell allow f a World of Warcraft to exchange hit points for mana, stamina takes the place of the mana per 5 second rating upon which other casters rely.

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    Dual Spec Warlocks and Glyph Selection

    gnome warlock The warlock talent trees allow a player to specialize in summoning demons, damage over time spells, or fire damage. The pet tree works best for soloing, but reduces the damage per second rating of the warlock. A level 80 warlock should purchase glyphs for the affliction or destruction trees first, if he chooses to pay for dual specialization. Utility glyphs that reduce the or eliminate the need for components help warlocks of any specialization.

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    Soulstones and the Warlock's Raid Roles

    The warlock's soulstone spell provides a wipe recovery utility that a player can use every 30 minutes. ( The cool down time for the shaman's reincarnation ability is 40 minutes for restoration shamans and 60 minutes for enhancement and elemental shamans.*) Warlocks cast this spell on characters that can cast resurrection. After dual spec warlocks buy the glyphs for their damage per second specializations, demonology warlocks can focus on purchasing glyphs for their non-raid talent tree. Dual spec does not benefit warlocks as much as it does classes that can fulfill multiple group or raid roles.

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    Beneficial Factions for the World of Warcraft Warlock

    I'm not sure what this is. It's a World of Warcraft Screenshot The Kirin Tor and the Knights of the Ebon Blade faction quartermasters offer gear with highly beneficial stats for warlocks. (The reader can find information on these factions here and here.) Most of the damage over time spells of this class fall into the instant cast category. Haste does nott give warlocks who use damage over time spells as much benefit as mages who rely on spells. (Destruction warlocks benefit from the lower cast times for their ranged spells as much as mages do.)

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    Useful Enhacnements

    Warlocks benefit from the high level leather working armor kits that add to stamina. Bracers, cloaks, and chests pieces all have specific upgrades from the enchantment skill that add to stamina. Enchanters can also add hit points to a cloak. Each warlock player must decide whether he wants the spell power or stamina enhancements for these slots or if he wishes to strike a balance. Warlocks with an engineering skill of 400 or higher can add spell power to their cloak. This tinkered item slows a character's rate of decent when used.

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    Useful Heroic Instances

    rogue warlock 2v2 The heroic Drak'tharon Keep, the Culling of the Strattholme, Gundrak, and Halls of Lightning contain gear that benefit a high level warlockvthat has not replaced all his rare gear with epic gear yet. Many of these instances also drop an epic item at the end which warlocks might find useful. Any trinkets that increase spellpower help round out weaknesses. The bosses in all high level instances drop eblems of heroism. Characters can turn in these emblems for high level gear in Dalaran.

    All classes can earn enough honor points to purchase epic gear from the Hall of Champions or the Hall of Heroes. Loot that drops in instances and raids tends to work slightly better for player versus environment situation than the gear players purchase from PvP vendors.

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    DPS: What Guilds Really Want From Warlocks

    Guilds expect warlocks to summon soul wells for harder fights, to soul stone a priest, paladin, or druid every 30 minutes, and to do as much damage as possible. The curse removal ability of warlocks and mages helps guilds survive certain fights. Raiding warlocks need to up their damage per second rating. Add-ons such as damage meter let the player gather this information.