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WOW Addons

  • 5 Must-Have World of Warcraft Add-Ons
    World of Warcraft is the world's most popular massively multiplayer role-playing game, with a player population the size of a small country. Among its many winning factors is the customizable game client, which allows you to make and install add-ons which enhance the game. Here we list five of the most useful and indispensible World of Warcraft add-ons for your gaming needs.
  • How To Install WoW Addons in Windows Vista
    Addons nicely complement the game World Of Warcraft. But if you're running Windows Vista, you may not know how to install them. This guide will give you the necessary steps to do so.
  • Top World of Warcraft Addons
    Sifting through the thousands of addons available for World of Warcraft to find the few must haves can be a monumental chore. Our full guide to the top WoW addons covers some of our favorites, offering a comprehensive overview of the top addons for the game.
  • Carbonite for WoW -- The One Size Fits All Addon
    The WoW Carbonite Add-on replaces several other extensions a player might use to enhance his gaming experience, including Quest Helper, Cartographer, and Gatherer.
  • The Best Map Addons for World of Warcraft
    Looking for the best in World of Warcraft Map Addons? Look no further! Here at BrightHub we have compiled a list of our 5 favorite just for you!

WOW Macros

WOW Patches

  • World of Warcraft Patch 3.1: The Arrival of Dual Talent Specialization
    Players have long awaited the ability to switch between specializations with the casting of a simple spell. When this patch goes live, a player who spends the necessary gold can do so.
  • Firelands: Burning Down the House?
    Boredom has set in for players of "World of Warcraft," and Firelands is rushed to the rescue just in time for summer. The new patch, however, lays out a new development plan that may bring the game to its knees.
  • WoW Patch 3.1 Warrior and Rogue Glyph Changes
    For all of you warriors and rogues out there, there are some great new glyphs and changes coming up in patch 3.1 that you'll be excited about as well.
  • How to Download World of Warcraft Patches Efficiently
    Is well known that World of Warcraft is an ever-expanding video game, almost like the universe. Unlike our universe, in WoW there are patches that improve the game experience by correcting mistakes and incorporating add-ons to the gameplay. This guide will help you to download patches efficiently.
  • WoW Warlock Talents in 4.0
    Which Warlock talents were overhauled? Which talents are new in Patch 4.0? WoW Warlocks received a ton of new talents and abilities, along with the gameplay design changes.
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