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Getting the Fossilized Raptor Mount in WoW

by: Vox ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

One of the rewards for the newest WoW profession, the Fossilized Raptor Mount is a unique and distinctive mount that archaeologists can use to display their skill. Fairly easy to obtain compared to the other rewards, the archaeology mount can be acquired with patience and a little luck.

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    WoW Archaeology Reward: What is the Fossil Raptor Mount?

    FossilRaptorMount01-300x214 Each of the different types of archaeology finds has a top-tier item that can be acquired by solving the fragments. There is a caster staff, a powerful trinket, a massive two-handed sword and more. The easiest and arguably most unique archaeology reward is the fossil raptor mount, which summons a skeletal raptor for you to ride. This is an epic mount, fast as other tier two ground mounts, and is only available to artisan archaeologists, and is one of the most unique in WoW. Not only can you not solve the fragments required before Archaeology level 225, but you can't ride the raptor until then either. This mount will mark you as an accomplished surveyor, and is a great vanity mount to complete a roleplaying outfit or to complement your character type. For Alliance players, it may be the only chance you get to ride a raptor of any sort.

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    Finding the Fossil Raptor Mount

    The Fossil Raptor mount can be unlocked and solved any time after reaching artisan archaeology at 225, but unfortunately there is still an element of randomness in finding it. You may be able to solve for it immediately after reaching artisan, and it may take you until grand mastery. It also takes a hundred fossil fragments to solve, and there are no keystones, unlike Dwarf or Night Elf archaeology fragments.

    Your best bet for getting the fossil raptor mount as soon as possible is to save all of your fossil fragments until you reach artisan archaeology, then solve them exclusively. It is possible that you still will not find the raptor mount and have to do more digging, but this will both increase your chances of finding the mount and boost you to a higher skill level without wasting fragments that you will need later (for example, you may want to save your Night Elf fragments until you are a very high archaeology level. The trinket requires a high level of mastery to solve for). Solving the Fossilized Raptor requires 100 fossil fragments, but once you've discovered the mount, is simple matter of learning to summon it.

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    Finding Fossil Fragments

    shovels You will most likely run across plenty of Fossil fragments as you level archaeology, but it may be useful to seek them out specifically if you feel you have too few or are in need of extra fragments to complete your raptor. Fossil archaeology sites are most often found in places that thematically would have dinosaur fossils - zones like Un'Goro or Azshara, but also in riverbeds, like in Hillsbrad and Redridge. It may be useful to mark these places on a map so you recognize a fossil archaeology site when it appears. Unfortunately, fossil sites are often larger than other archaeology sites and can take longer to survey. The plus side is that once you've got your raptor, there are no other significant rewards from these sites, and can be skipped or ignored in favor of more lucrative digs.