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How to Get the Sandstone Drake Mount - Vial of the Sands Alchemy Recipe

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There are a number of new flying drake mounts in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. One of these is learned from a crafted item, the Vial of the Sands. Using the vial transforms the player into a Sandstone Drake mount, which one party member can ride.

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    Cataclysm Flying Mounts

    There are several new flying mounts in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. They look like traditional drakes but seem to have stone or crystals grafted onto them. One of these mounts is crafted by an Alchemy recipe obtained from doing Archeology - the new secondary skill also introducted in Cataclysm.

    Sandstone Drake Mount The Sandstone Drake, summoned with the Vial of the Sands, isn't just a mount - its also a vehicle. Acting like a spell, it transforms the user into a Drake with a green hue, who can then be ridden by one party member.

    The best thing about the Vial of the Sands is that you don't need to grind reputation to get it. You don't need to camp one area for hours on end waiting for a rare spawn to appear. You don't even need to farm the same monsters over and over hoping for a rare drop. Granted, if you want the recipe you'll have to do Archeology til your fingers bleed, but just to get the mount all you need to do is shell out a considerable amount of gold.

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    How to Get the Vial of the Sands Recipe

    Canopic Jar Archeology The Vial of the Sands Recipe, which is an Alchemy Recipe, is obtained from Canopic Jars. Canopic Jars are unearthed with the Archeology skill, which takes quite an effort to level up high enough so as to find this particular piece. The Canopic Jar comes for Tol'Vir Archeology, requiring an Archeology skill of 525. These digsites are found in Uldum.

    This recipe is extremely rare for a number of reasons:

    • Even at max level few digsites appear in Uldum, severely limiting the number of Tol'vir artifacts you can unearth. It is somewhere in the realm of 1 in 15 digsites.
    • Obviously, not every Tol'Vir discovery you make is going to be a Canopic Jar. Fortunately it is one of the common items.
    • The drop rate is not 100%. For most people, its under 10%. You might have to make a dozen or more Canopic Jars to open one and find the Alchemy Recipe: Vial of the Sands
    • The recipe is Bind on Pickup. It can't be traded, sold, transferred to your other characters, etc. So, if you want to be able to use it, you'll have to be an Alchemist on the character you find it on.
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    Purchasing a Vial of the Sands

    If you're not an Alchemist, or Archeologist, and you don't want to grind/farm/bleed your way to it (who does?) you can still purchase a Vial of the Sands from an Alchemist with the recipe, outright. There is a significant cost in materials that are crafted with the Alchemy profession, as well as an additional significant cost from the two materials that can only be purchased from a Vendor in Uldum.

    Sands of Time Vendor Uldum The materials required to craft one Vial of the Sands are:

    • Pyrium-Laced Crystaline Vial x 1
    • Sands of Time x 8
    • Truegold x 12
    • Flask of the Winds x 8
    • Flask of Titanic Strength x 8
    • Deepstone Oil x 8

    Everything but the Vial and the Sands are crafted by Alchemy. The raw materials for these items are:

    • Pyrite Ore x 72 (Truegold)
    • Volatile Fire x 120 (Truegold)
    • Volatile Air x 120 (Truegold)
    • Volatile Water x 120 (Truegold)
    • Volatile Life x 96 (Flask of the Winds and Flask of Titanic Strength)
    • Azshara's Veil x 96 (Flask of the Winds)
    • Whiptail x 192 (Flask of the Winds and Flask of Titanic Strength)
    • Cinderbloom x 96 (Flask of Titanic Strength)
    • Albino Catfish x ~6 (Deepstone Oil - one fish makes 1-2 oils)

    The Truegold material cost can be reduced if the transmute is done by a Transmutation Master Alchemist, and then only if it happens to proc additionals. Keep in mind that you can only transmute Truegold once per day.

    There is also a gold cost, as the Sands of Time and the Pyrium-laced Crystaline Vial are purchased from the Innkeeper Yasmin in Uldum (northwest corner of the zone). She is not associated with any faction, so there is no reputation discount available. The only way to get discounts on these items is to purchase them on a Goblin character (racial ability "Best Deals Anywhere" 20% discount), or with the guild level 24 perk "Bartering" (5% discount). If you can get both, these discounts do in fact stack.

    Unmodified Pricing:

    • Sands of Time x 8 - 24,000 gold
    • Pyrium-laced Crystaline Vial x 1 - 5,000 gold

    With Goblin Discount:

    • Sands of Time x 8 - 19,200 gold
    • Pyrium-laced Crystaline Vial x 1 - 4,000 gold

    With "Bartering" Discount:

    • Sands of Time x 8 - 22,800 gold
    • Pyrium-laced Crystaline Vial x 1 - 4,750 gold

    With both:

    • Sands of Time x 8 - 18,000
    • Pyrium-laced Crystline Vial x 1 - 3,750 gold

    So, it is possible to save up to 7,250 gold on these items.