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    • Most Annoying or Useless Items in World of Warcraft - Part 1
      Not every item in World of Warcraft has a use, in fact some deliberately serve no purpose. A few pieces of loot are supposed to serve a purpose, but do not do as well as the designers might have intended.
    • Tier 8, 8.5, and other Amazing Ulduar Epic Loots
      The funnest part about new raids, instances, and content patches is the great new items that are introduced, because admit it, in World of Warcraft end-game the best items are the ultimate goal. Ulduar doesn't disappoint, with great new named weapons and even a Legendary mace.
    • Most Annoying or Useless Items in World of Warcraft - Part 2
      In round two of Useless and Annoying WoW items, we delve into the mind of Jesma to discover even more things in WoW that drive players crazy! On the chopping block today are: The Toy Train Set, Wand of Holiday Cheer, and something lovingly referred to as... Vendorstrike?
    • World of Warcraft Twinking Guide
      The art of Twinking a character in World of Warcraft explained. What is twinking? How do they effect the game PvP dynamics? What do you need to make your very own Twink character in WoW?
    • Most Expensive Items Ever Sold in an MMO
      With so much money being poured into MMOs, many of them have developed flourishing economies and a brisk trade in various types of items. Even games which expressly forbid the sale of items or characters for real world money have a bustling black market. Here are the most expensive trades in MMOs.
    • World of Warcraft Therazane Quartermaster
      Located in Northern Deepholm, Therazane is a very valuable faction to work toward improving your reputation with, thanks to the unique items offered by D'lom the Collector, the Therazane Quartermaster
    • World of Warcraft Guardians of Hyjal Quartermaster
      The Guardians of Hyjal are one of the earliest factions players will encounter in Cataclysm. Our guide has a full listing of the items available for purchase as players increase their reputation with the faction.
    • World of Warcraft Ramkahen Quartermaster Location and Items
      A new expansion means new factions and new reputation grinds. Check out our full listing of the items available to those who increase their Ramkahen Reputation.
    • How to Buy and Sell Wow Gear With a Some Safety
      Blizzard does not encourage selling WoW gear outside of game. Neither does any other MMO publisher, but a person can still get in-game items by exchanging real cash for them if he knows how.
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