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  • World of Warcraft Patch 3.1: The Arrival of Dual Talent Specialization
    Players have long awaited the ability to switch between specializations with the casting of a simple spell. When this patch goes live, a player who spends the necessary gold can do so.
  • Firelands: Burning Down the House?
    Boredom has set in for players of "World of Warcraft," and Firelands is rushed to the rescue just in time for summer. The new patch, however, lays out a new development plan that may bring the game to its knees.
  • WoW Patch 3.1 Warrior and Rogue Glyph Changes
    For all of you warriors and rogues out there, there are some great new glyphs and changes coming up in patch 3.1 that you'll be excited about as well.
  • How to Download World of Warcraft Patches Efficiently
    Is well known that World of Warcraft is an ever-expanding video game, almost like the universe. Unlike our universe, in WoW there are patches that improve the game experience by correcting mistakes and incorporating add-ons to the gameplay. This guide will help you to download patches efficiently.
  • WoW Warlock Talents in 4.0
    Which Warlock talents were overhauled? Which talents are new in Patch 4.0? WoW Warlocks received a ton of new talents and abilities, along with the gameplay design changes.
  • World of Warcraft Patch 3.2 Upcoming Mount and Travel Form Changes
    Big things are afoot for the World of Warcraft mount system. Soon, players will be mounting up earlier than ever, with normal mounts available at 20 and flying mounts available at level 60. Read about all the mount changes in our guide.
  • Top 10 Best Things About the WoW 3.2 Patch
    World of Warcraft patch 3.2 brought with it lots of significant changes, including a new raid and battleground. But what are the top 10 best things about the new patch? Children's Week, Raid Lockout Expansion and PvP experience make the list. What else?
  • World of Warcraft Faction Change Feature Announced
    Alliance Characters will be able to transform into Horde, and vice versa. Is this a good thing? When will it happen? What kind of effects will it have? Find out more about the World of Warcraft Faction Change Feature recently announced.
  • What's New in World of Warcraft: July 2009
    There have been so many exciting World of Warcraft announcements this month, it's a wonder that one article can contain them. Check out all the info on the upcoming 3.2 patch, faction switching, and the Mountain Dew Battle Bot Pet.
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