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    • WoW 3.2 Patch Notes - Paladin Changes
      The new 3.2 WoW content patch, Call of the Crusade, will bring with it some pretty significant changes to all three talent specs for Paladins. Learn all about these changes so you'll be ready when the new patch drops.
    • WoW 3.2 Patch Notes - Death Knight Changes
      It seems with every new patch the Death Knight class is once again targeted for a massive overhaul. 3.2 is no acception. Find out what nerfs and buffs are coming to the Death Knight class in WoW patch 3.2 - Call of the Crusade - so that you aren't taken by surprise.
    • The Future of Twinking in World of Warcraft - Patch 3.2 Changes
      Every new patch there is always a group asking about what Blizzard is planning on doing about twinks. Finally, they have an answer. Three major changes occurring in the new WoW Patch 3.2 are going to directly effect twinking and how its handled. Are twinks going to disappear? Read on to find out.
    • World of Warcraft Patch 3.2 Preview
      It's time for another World of Warcraft content patch - Patch 3.2! Bringing with it a new dungeon and raid, the Crusaders' Coliseum, and a new battleground, the Isle of Conquest, Patch 3.2 promises to be another exciting adventure for everyone in the World of Warcraft!
    • Your Complete Guide to the WoW 3.1 Secrets of Ulduar Patch
      The patch may be over two weeks old, but there are still players yet to familiarize themselves the plethora of new features and changes it brought about. Among these are class and glyph changes, the dual talent spec feature, and the Argent Tournament. Learn all about it here!
    • WoW Patch 3.1 - New Glyphs For Death Knights
      Everyone is buzzing about the upcoming patch 3.1 and all of the new changes and fun things it will bring. Well, I have your sneak peek at the tons of new Glyphs that are coming out that will help you enhance any class - Scribes, get ready - here are the new glyphs for the Death Knights.
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