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Guide to Companion Vanity Pets in World of Warcraft (WoW): Faction Pets

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The fourth article in our guide to WoW vanity pets covers companions available through increasing reputation with various World of Warcraft Factions. Learn which pets are available from The Oracles, The Sha'tari Skyguard, The Sporeggar, and the Kalu'ak.

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    Faction grinding is a fact of life in World of Warcraft. For many, the potential rewards make the tedious grind worthwhile. For pet collectors, there are some fantastic and unique pets that can only be acquired by gaining a favorable reputation with certain in-game factions.

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    Oracle Faction Pets

    World of Warcraft White Tickbird Hatchling Pet The Oracles, in Northrend’s Sholazar Basin, are one of the most lucrative factions with which to gain reputation for pet collectors. Once players reach Revered status, they become able to purchase a Mysterious Egg from the faction’s quartermaster. After 7 days, this egg has the potential to hatch into one of four unique pets, the rare Green Proto Drake flying mount, or a semi-useless food item called Aged Yolk.

    Approximately 20% of the time, the Mysterious Egg will hatch into a Tickbird Hatchling. This brown bird will flutter along behind you faithfully after being summoned.

    The White Tickbird Hatchling is another potential pet that can emerge from a Mysterious Egg. Like its darker-feathered cousin, this white bird has a 20% chance to emerge from any given egg.

    The Cobra Hatchling is another potential drop from a Mysterious Egg. Like the tickbirds, it drops approximately 20% of the time. The Cobra Hatchling very closely resembles a smaller version of the giant snakes that circle the Oracle village in Sholazar. You know, the ones you were forced to repeatedly kill in order to complete your Oracle daily quests.

    WoW Cobra Hatchling Pet The rarest of the Mysterious Egg hatchlings, the Proto-Drake Whelp, is also the coolest-looking. This tiny red version of the mounts many level 80s can be seen flying around on only drops approximately 10% of the time.

    None of the Oracle pets are soulbound when they hatch, so those unwilling to grind their way to Revered with The Oracles can potentially get them off the auction house instead. Players who find themselves constantly getting repeat pets can simply auction off the duplicates for a decent amount of gold, as well.

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    The Kalu'ak Faction Pet: Pengu

    Pengu is a black and white baby penguin with dark red eyes. To obtain him, players must purchase a Nurtured Penguin Egg from a Kalu’ak quartermaster (Sairuk in Dragonblight or Tanaika in Howling Fjord) after reaching Exalted status with the Kalu’ak. The Nurtured Penguin Egg costs 12 gold before the faction discount.

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    Sha'tari Skyguard Faction Pet: Nether Ray Fry

    WoW Tickbird Hatchling Pet Players who manage to reach Exalted status with the Sha’tari Skyguard in Terokkar Forest will find themselves able to purchase the Nether Ray Fry from Grella the Skyguard Quartermaster at Blackwind Landing for 32 gold. This tiny version of the Nether Rays found throughout outland is dark-colored with a purple glow.

    Raising your Sha'tari Skyguard faction to Exalted also enables players to purchase rare Nether Ray epic flying mounts. While these may have been more common in the Burning Crusade Days, they're rarely seen in Northrend.

    The WoW Wiki guide to the Sha’tari Skyguard faction will help you reach Exalted as fast as possible.

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    The Sporeggar Faction Pet: Tiny Sporebat

    WoW Proto-Drake Whelp Pet This tiny green sporebat glows orange and hovers along behind its master. To purchase it, players must first reach Exalted status with the Sporeggar, then purchase it from the Sporeggar quartermaster, Mycah in Zangarmarsh, for 30 glowcaps (Sporeggar currency). Glowcaps can be found on the ground throughout Zangarmarsh, and are available as rewards for certain Sporeggar daily quests, similar to Champion's Seals.

    WoW Wiki has an excellent guide to increasing Sporeggar faction, as well.

    Each of these pets is easily acquired; players just need to invest the necessary time to improve their standing with each of these factions. While the long faction grind can seem tedious, it has its upside. Faithfully completing daily quests can earn you quite a bit of money, and the gear rewards available from the various factions can often make the process more than worthwhile.

    Be sure to check out the other sections of the guide for information on pets available from vendors, as quest rewards, through the engineering profession, and from ultra-rare loot cards in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

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