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Winter Veil

by: Rhonlynn ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

This is an outline of the three main quests available during the Winter Veil. Toons can earn over 10,000 experience, and get rare holiday gifts from Great Father Winter.

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    Gingerbread Cookies

    Feast of the Winter Veil is a fun time. The guys from Blizzard begin their holiday decorating at 6 a.m. on December 15th, ending on January 2nd. In most cities, a Christmas tree is decorated with tinsel, ornaments and packages. Christmas lights hang from trees and buildings. There are holiday vendors and quests. Special patterns for holiday outfits are available for tailors over 250. Holiday recipes only available at this time of year, are sold. Revelers converse in inns, waiting to be kissed under the mistletoe. They send gifts to toons that send them kisses.

    Great Father Winter sits in Iron Forge and Orgrimmar and asks for gingerbread cookies and milk. The more clever players realize this ahead of time, and are banking their small eggs to sell at the auction house.

    The first quest given is Great Father Winter is Here! It’s easy; you just turn to Father Winter and talk to him. The quest is done. My level 61 Death Knight gained 975 experience points. Treats for Greatfather Winter is the reason for the small eggs. They are quite the commodity at this time, and can make a toon very rich. A toon must know cooking 1 to do this quest. It requires 5 holiday spice (it would be a good idea, by the way, to bank some of this holiday spice. It tends to sell well in the summer) 5 milk, and 5 small eggs. Cook it up, and bring that and one milk to Great Father Winter. Small eggs can be found on several creatures and beasts throughout beginning areas in Azeroth. 2400 experience was gained plus the gift of 10 copper bars, from Great Father Winter. The gifts are random, from holiday enchanting recipes, to ore.

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    Alterac Valley

    Quests available for higher level toons include Metzen the Reindeer, and Stolen Winter Veil Treats. These are available in Ironforge, and also in Orgrimmar. I’ve done these quests with Alliance toons. The Stolen Winter Veil treats are turned in to a snowman in Alterac Valley. I’ve found it easier to start with the Stolen Winter Veil Treats, because there are other quests available in Alterac Valley.

    For those not familiar with this area, fly to Southshore, and go south through Hillsbrad Foothills, staying on the road. Go right at the road through Hillsbrad Foothills. After the tower, turn onto the road going south. Follow the signs to Alterac valley. When entering Alterac Valley, there are clumps of snow on ground. These are snowballs, and it’s a good idea to gather several stacks of them. They sell well at the Auction House.

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    Missing Reindeer

    In Alterac Valley, the Abominable Greench is walking around the area. The quest, You’re a Mean One, is a quest to kill him, and the loot is the Stolen Winter Veil Treats. It is very popular, and from experience, it takes patience and perseverance. He is a level 36 elite who respawns quickly. After turning this in to Ironforge, fly to Loch Modan, and either do the quest to get the Searing Gorge Key, or simply go into Searing Gorge, look for the group around the reindeer, and help everyone out by killing the mobs around him. Sprinkle the dust on him, and the quest is done. Grab the flight path in Searing Gorge, and fly back to Ironforge. Out of 4 toons and 2 years for me, the reindeer has always been in Searing Gorge, but he can be found in Tanaris. These quests are fun for the holiday season. Don’t forget to get a present from under Great Father Winter’s Christmas tree on the 25th!

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