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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "Hellfire Fortifications"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Race to capture three strategic Hellfire Peninsula locations before the Horde can in the "Hellfire Fortifications" quest you'll take in Honor Hold. Warrant Officer Tracy Proudwell wants you to engage in a little world PvP to earn some gold and your first marks of honor in Outland.

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    Your first taste of Outland world PvP in WoW comes early. One of your first Honor Hold quests is “Hellfire Fortifications."

    Warrant Officer Tracy Proudwell wants you to secure several Hellfire Peninsula locations for the Alliance, but you’ll have to wrest them from the control of the Horde, who want them just as badly.

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    "Hellfire Fortifications"

    Hellfire Fortifications Tracy Proudwell can be found just outside the blacksmith at Honor Hold, near the NE entrance. The tasks she asks of you is simple, take the Overlook, Stadium, and Broken Hill for the Alliance. Doing so will earn you some xp, a bit of cash, and a new trinket, the “Insignia of the Alliance."

    You’ll need to wait for your Horde counterparts to capture the locations before you can cap them back and get credit for the quest. It’s usually a good idea to wait a few minutes and make sure there’s not a pitched PvP battle going on in the zone before heading out there.

    Usually people only capture the locations to complete the quest, so it’s entirely possible to finish it without ever encountering an enemy player. If a PvP hornet’s nest has been stirred up, though, and you’re only interested in finishing the quest, then it might be a better idea to do something else for awhile then capture the points later on.

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    Broken Hill

    Broken Hill You can find the capture points on your map represented by tiny towers. If they’re blue, the Alliance already controls them and you’ll need to wait for some horde interference. If they’re read, then head out and start capturing.

    Broken hill is the closest capture point to Honor Hold. Follow the road that runs West out of the fort and you’ll head straight there.

    You’ll need to flag yourself for PvP to start capturing objectives using the /pvp command, but wait until you’re about to capture Broken Hill before you do so, just to minimize the chance you’ll get killed by random passerby. Once you’re ready, flag yourself and get close to the flag in the broken fortress. Keep your back to the wall, and watch for Horde until you get the message that Broken Hill has been captured.

    You can stay on your mount, but you have to be on the ground to capture the point.

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    The Overlook

    The Overlook The Overlook is directly across the giant chasm from Broken Hill. If you have a flying mount, you can head directly there, otherwise you’re probably going to ride past the Stadium first.

    Same drill here, get close enough to the flag to see the capture meter pop up, then just keep on your guard until you get the message that you’ve captured it. It’s easier to keep your back to the wall here, so make sure nobody can sneak up behind you.

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    The Stadium

    The Stadium The Stadium is at the far West end of the giant chasm that divides the zone. Not much different here, just set up your capture and watch out for Horde.

    Once you’ve captured all three points, use the /pvp command once again to unflag yourself. You’ll have to wait five minutes, though, so either stay on your guard or just plop your character down in Honor Hold and grab a bite to eat while you wait.

    Once you’re done, head back to Tracy Proudwell for your rep, xp, gold, and your shiny new trinket.

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