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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "An Old Gift"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

In the rapid retreat from the Expedition Armory south of Honor Hold, many precious things were left behind. Father Malgor Devidicus was forced to retreat without a very valuable book, and has been unable to return for it because of the spirits inhabiting the ruins. This is where you come in.

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    Father Malgor Devidicus has a favor to ask you in the World of Warcraft “An Old Gift" quest. You’ll find the father in the Inn at Honor Hold, drunk and mulling over old times. His request is a simple one, retrieve his book “Mysteries of the Light," from the ruins of the Expedition Armory to the south.

    This is no simple retrieval, though. The armory has been destroyed, and the restless souls of those who died there are left wandering around, attacking any who approach. You’ll have to put a few souls to rest before you can get the book back to the father.

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    "An Old Gift"

    Expedition Armory Once you’ve gotten the quest from the Father, you may also wish to grab the “Unyielding Souls" quest from Honor Guard Wesilow at the ruined tower NW of Honor Hold. Chances are you’ll have to get through several of the mobs required for his quest to retrieve the book, so you might as well kill two birds with one stone.

    Once you’ve got both quests, set out to the South, avoiding the Fel Reaver and any Helboars or Crust Bursters you come across on the way. The armory is easy to spot from Honor Hold, it’s the castle-looking building on the horizon.

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    Expedition Armory

    Unyielding Knight The Unyielding Knights and Footmen are basic melee fighters, and the Unyielding Sorcerers will attempt to take you out with some fairly damaging fire magic, but you didn’t get his far not knowing how to deal with casters, did you?

    Be careful with the Knights, though. They’ll call for help when their health gets low, bringing any nearby spectres to their aid. Make sure you’re prepared for adds or you clear the area before you take one on.

    Fight your way through or take the long way around the armory to the Southernmost portion. Don’t get too crazy out here, though, as it’s pretty easy to not pay careful attention and wind up falling to your death, and there’s no retrieving your corpse once you fall off out here.

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    The Old Homestead

    Mysteries of the Light Your destination is the ruins of a small house located around the backside of the armory South of the rear wall. Near the entrance lies a book, which should be sparkling, indicating it’s your objective.

    Clear the area, then right click to pick it up. Once it’s in your inventory, either head straight back to Honor Hold to return it to the father or stay for a bit and finish your Unyielding Souls quest.

    Back at the Inn, the father is grateful to have his book returned, and rewards you with two gold and nearly 10,000 experience points. Not bad for a simple delivery job, eh?

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