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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "Laying Waste to the Unwanted"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

A few leftover Horde siege engines are a little too close to Honor Hold. Your job, as a newly-arrived Alliance soldier in Outland, is to dispose of them. Travel across the chasm that divides the zone and burn them to the ground.

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    In “Laying Waste to the Unwanted,” you’ll mount an assault on some old Horde siege engines that remain too close to Honor Hold for comfort. Burning them to the ground ought to ensure that they won’t be turned against your Alliance allies anytime soon.

    You’ll need to cross the nearby ravine and throw a few torches to accomplish your mission. Your reward is a very nice new item and some gold for your purse.

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    "Laying Waste to the Unwanted"

    WoWScrnShot 070910 132757 You’ll get the quest from Dumphry, the Master Blacksmithing Trainer found just outside the ruined tower NW of Honor Hold. He’ll give you the quest and a special torch to use for burning the old siege engines.

    Your targets are on the other side of the ravine to your North. You can either take the nearby bridge (near Hellfire Citadel) or run all the way down to the East end of the ravine. How you get there is up to you, but you’ll need to cross somehow.

    If you take the bridge, don’t stop running. You’ll probably get aggro from some local Orcs, but stay mounted and keep running, you should be fine.

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    We Don't Need No Water...

    Bonechewer Scavenger You’ll have to get pretty close to the throwers to use your torch, so be prepared to deal with any local mobs before you attempt to set the siege engines afire. The Bonechewer Orcs are mostly level 59 or so, so you should have little problem if you can get them one or two at a time, depending on your class.

    The Bonechewer Scavengers are your basic melee fighters with an Orc’s enrage ability, and the Bonechewer Mutants have a weird debuff that causes them to start losing health once you get them down to a low percentage, actually making them easier to kill.

    Pay special attention to the Bonechewer Raiders as they patrol around. Once you attack, they dismount and you’ll have to take on two separate mobs, the rider and the mount, so be prepared.

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    Burn, Burn, Burn

    Flying Mount Method Clear out the immediate area, and keep trying to use the torch until you get close enough for it to activate. The thrower you’re closest to will erupt in flame, and that portion of your quest will be complete.

    You’ll have to burn all four throwers to ensure Honor Hold’s safety, so just keep killing Orcs and throwing torches until they’re all dealt with.

    If you've already picked up your flying mount, you can bypass the bridge and the orcs completely. Just fly across, land on each thrower, set it afire, then mount back up and move on.

    Afterward, head back to Dumphry. Once you report your success and return his torch, you’ll receive a very fine green item for your trouble, as well as two gold. The item should be a major upgrade this early into your career in Outland, so make sure you equip it as soon as you’re done.

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