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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "Unyielding Souls"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The former inhabitants of Hellfire Peninsula's Expedition Armory have roamed the ruins ever since the facility's destruction. Your job is to put them to rest, and there's only one way to do so.

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    You’ll be asked to assist the souls of some restless Alliance soldiers in the “Unyielding Souls” World of Warcraft quest. They were killed when the Expedition Armory in Hellfire Peninsula was destroyed, and have remained there ever since.

    Your job is to defeat several of them and set Honor Guard Wesilow’s mind at ease. Once you’re done, he’ll reward you with gold, experience points, and a second trip to the armory.

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    "Unyielding Souls"

    Honor Guard Wesilow You’ll need to pick up the quest from Honor Guard Wesilow at the ruined tower just NW of Honor Hold. He’s concerned about the continued torment of his former allies cursed by Death Knights to wander as spirits, but doesn’t have the heart to slay his former companions himself.

    If you’re heading out to the Expedition Armory, you may wish to pick up the “An Old Gift” quest from Father Malgor Devidicus at the Inn. He left a book behind at the armory that he’d like to get back, and you might as well retrieve it for him since you’re headed there anyway.

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    The Expedition Armory

    Expedition Armory After you’ve picked up the quest, make your way around to the South side of Honor Hold. The ruins of the armory are visible on the horizon, and it’s just a short ride to get there.

    Watch out for the Fel Reaver as you travel, and try to avoid any wandering Crust Bursters or Helboars unless you’re looking to pick up some leather or additional experience points (a flying mount is probably the easiest way to get there). You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the Unyielding Knights, Sorcerers, and Footmen wandering about.

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    Put Them to Rest

    The Aftermath The Unyielding Footmen are basic melee fighters, and can be taken down using a variety of tactics. The Unyielding Sorcerers, as their name implies, will use some very basic Mage spells against you, so have your interrupt skills on standby.

    The Unyielding Knights are probably the trickiest of the bunch, though. They’ll call for help when they’re in danger, bringing any nearby Unyielding souls to their aid. Make sure you are either prepared for adds when you engage them or you have cleared out the surrounding area beforehand.

    The Sorcerers are mostly found within the ruins of the armory, while the footmen patrol around outside and the Knights are pretty much everywhere, patrolling on their horses.

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    Claim Your Reward

    Once you’ve laid the appropriate number of soldiers to rest, head back to the ruined tower and speak to Honor Guard Wesilow once more. Your reward is two gold, nearly 10k experience points, and his eternal gratitude.

    He also has one more task for you. You’re going to be headed back to the Expedition Armory to take care of the soldiers who were once in charge of the facility in the “Looking to the Leadership” quest.