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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "Disrupt Their Reinforcements"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Forward Commander Kingston at Expedition Point has an interesting task for you: gather demonic rune stones, then turn their power against the portals through which the demons appear with the help of a specially-designed explosive. Sounds simple, right?

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    “Disrupt Their Reinforcements" is one of the more interesting quests you’ll acquire at Expedition Point in Hellfire Peninsula. Forward Commander Kingston requests that you gather runestones by slaying nearby demons, then use their power, combined with a special primer, to detonate and destroy the portals through which the demonic reinforcements are appearing.

    All in a day’s work in Outland, I suppose.

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    "Disrupt Their Reinforcements"

    Forward Commander Kingston You’ll find Expedition Point and Forward Commander Kingston in the Eastern portion of Hellfire Peninsula, pretty much just below “The Legion Front" on your map.

    Once you’ve met the Commander and picked up the quest, head due North past the spiky barricades to find your prey: the Wrathguards, Fel Handlers, and Doomwhisperers surrounding the glowing green portals.

    You’ll need to keep killing them until you’ve gathered a total of eight rune stones, four for each portal. The drop rate, like most in Hellfire Peninsula, is painfully low, so stock up on healing items and be prepared to take out a whole mess of demons.

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    Gathering Demonic Rune Stones

    Wrathguards Head toward the portals and start killing demons. They are fairly close together and many move along patrol routes throughout the area, so be sure and remain aware of your surroundings to avoid unnecessary adds as you fight.

    The Wrathguards are basic melee fighters, but have only around 3k hit points, so they should go down quickly. Just watch out for the “Flame Wave" attack they use when their health gets low. Stay out of the fire and you should be okay. The Fel Handlers and their Netherhound pets go down pretty easily as well, and be sure to loot the hounds as they can drop the stones you need as well.

    The Doomwhisperers have a “Draining Bolt" attack that damages you and replenishes their health, so be ready with your spell interrupting attacks when you take one on. All of the demons seem to have pretty low health, so you can kill them quickly and avoid their special attacks altogether.

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    Blow the Portals

    Demonic Portal Once you’ve gathered four rune stones, head toward the nearest of the two portals and watch for your cursor to turn into the gear. It’s best to detonate one immediately after you’ve gathered the four stones because the respawn rate is so high here you’ll have to kill a whole mess of demons just to get back to the portal if you wait.

    Once inside, right click, making sure you have the primers in your inventory, and you’ll destroy the portal. Repeat the process on the other portal once you’ve gathered another four stones and you’re good to go.

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    Alternate Strategy

    If you’re not interested in killing all the demons yourself, you can always hit them a few times then run for the guards just outside Expedition Point and let them do the dirty work for you.

    Once you’ve turned the quest in to Commander Kingston, he’ll give you the follow up and send you off to perform your first bombing run.

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