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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: Looking to the Leadership"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Arch Mage Xintor and Lieutenant Commander Thalvos are still wandering the ruins of the Expedition Armory even after their deaths. Honor Guard Wesilow thanks that removing them might free all the other soldiers there stuck in limbo. It's up to you to test his theory.

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    As none of your previous efforts to free the trapped souls of his Alliance comrades wandering around Expedition Armory have been successful, Honor Guard Wesilow has one final idea: take out the leaders of the men there and perhaps they will finally be free.

    He, of course, has no intention of taking on his former friends. The task falls to you. It’s time to make one final trip to the Expedition Armory.

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    "Looking to the Leadership"

    Expedition Armory Honor Guard Wesilow gives you the “Looking to the Leadership" quest after you finish “Unyielding Souls." You’ll once again find him at the tower just NE of Honor Hold. Once you’ve got the quest, head South, avoiding the Crust Bursters and Helboars (or flying over if you can), until you reach the Armory.

    Your task is to track down and kill the spirits of both Arch Mage Xintor and Lieutenant Commander Thalvos.

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    Arch Mage Xintor

    Arch Mage Xintor You’ll find the Arch Mage inside the armory, towards the Eastern wall. He’s usually near a group of training dummies, and there’s a good chance you spotted him when you were out here for the “Unyielding Souls" or “An Old Gift" quests. Clear the area of Unyielding Footmen and Sorcerers before you attack, if possible.

    The Arch Mage attacks with both a devastating Fireball and channeled Arcane Missiles. Having your spell interrupt skills ready will make for a much easier fight, so be prepared. He has somewhere around 5k hit points and is level 61, so pack healing potions if you’re still in the level 58-59 range.

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    Lieutenant Commander Thalvos

    Lieutenant Commander Thalvos Thalvos is just to the SW of Xintor. You’ll find him patrolling the cement foundation of a ruined building near the Southern wall. He is on foot, and wears a distinctive set of armor. He’s also the only dwarf mob in the area.

    Thalvos, like Xintor, is level 61 and sports around 5k hit points. This fight is much more straightforward, though, and you should have no more trouble with him than you did with the nearby knights and footmen. Make sure you clear out any nearby Unyielding Knights before you attack, though.

    After you’ve killed Thalvos or Xintor, don’t stick around to heal up or drink. They respawn very quickly and you could find yourself in the middle of a second bout with them if you don’t leave immediately.

    Once they’re both dead, head back to Honor Hold and Honor Guard Wesilow to turn in

    the quest.

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    Reap the Rewards

    Once you return to Wesilow, he gives you the choice between three very nice neck items. Take the one that best suits your particular class. He’ll also give you 2 gold and nearly 10k experience points. Not a bad payday for taking out two ghosts, is it?