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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

You've made tentative advances into the fortress of Zeth'Gor before this point, but now it's time to deliver the final blow. Make your way deep into the heart of the fortress and take down its leader, Warlord Morkh, and return his armor to the Corporal at Expedition Point.

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    You’ve spent some time dealing with the Bleeding Hollow Orcs in and around Zeth’Gor in Hellfire Peninsula. You’ve gathered their cursed talismans and destroyed their siege engines, but that was all child’s play compared to what Corporal Ironridge of Expedition Point has planned for you now: a strike directly into the heart of the orcs.

    You’re going to kill Warlord Morkh and bring his shattered armor back to Honor Hold for all to see.

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    "Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow"

    The Keep at Zeth'Gor Expedition Point is East of Honor Hold and almost directly beneath “The Legion Front” on your map. You’ll find Corporal Ironridge and his men hard at work disassembling a fallen Fel Reaver. Zeth’Gor, your destination, is just to the South.

    Getting to Morkh won’t be easy. He hangs out in the large barracks at the rear of Zeth’Gor, and the way in is blocked by a horde of Bleeding Hollow orcs. You can try and stealth in if you’re a Druid or a Rogue, or fly over the majority of bad guys on a flying mount if you have one.

    Either way, getting in isn’t going to be easy. You may have to methodically clear out the orcs from the entrance. Watch out for the Bleeding Hollow Necrolytes that are stationed near the stairs.

    It is possible to simply fly in, if your riding skill is high enough.

    Once inside, you’ll have to deal with several orcs: a Shaman, a patrolling Tormentor, and a Peon line the hallway that leads to the warlord.

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    Warlord Morkh

    Warlord Morkh Once you’re inside and past the defenses, buff up, ready your healing potions, and take him on. Morkh is level 61 and has approximately 5,000 hit points, so he’ll be a bit tougher than the orcs you faced on the way in.

    Once he’s down, an “Eye of the Citadel” will appear and issue a few threats. This is no concern to you now, no special mobs are going to attack or anything. Once it disappears, head back out the way you came. Run or fly out of Zeth’Gor and head back to Expedition Point and Corporal Ironridge.

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    Return to Honor Hold

    Eye of the Citadel Your immediate reward is nearly 10k experience points and 90 silver, but the Corporal also gives you one final follow up quest: return to Honor Hold and speak to Klatu upstairs in the inn. You’ll find Klatu to the right of the staircase.

    Your work at Expedition Point is done for now, but Klatu and Anchorite Barada have a far more difficult task for you to help them with, saving Colonel Jules from a terrible ailment.

    For now, though, enjoy your rewards and get ready to take on a task of a more spiritual nature.