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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "When This Mine's A'Rockin"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Gan'arg Sappers and their Succubus supervisors are working to undermine the foundations of Honor Hold. It's up to you to help out Foreman Biggums by getting rid of them before they bring the whole place crashing down. Afterward, you'll head back into the mine to take down the enemy leader.

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    Foreman Biggums, at the small mine in the West side of the bluff on which Honor Hold is located, has a problem. His mine is overrun, and he doesn’t have the manpower to clear it out.

    This, not surprisingly, is where you come in. Get into the mine and clear out those Gan’arg Sappers before the Foreman loses his ale ration.

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    "When This Mine's A'Rockin"

    Honor Hold Mine This is a fairly straightforward quest. Find Foreman Biggums just outside the mine, get the quest from him, and head inside. Along the path you’ll find several Gan’arg Sappers undermining the foundations of Honor Hold.

    Another concern is the Maidens of Pain that are overseeing the process. They patrol the mine, and can appear behind you at the most inopportune times. Make sure you’ve cleared the area before you engage any sappers. In addition to their stunning good looks, each Maiden packs a powerful whip attack.

    Where’s a Warlock to control these Succubi when you need one?

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    Gan'arg Sappers

    Gan'arg Sappers The sappers are around level 59, and don’t hit particularly hard. One thing to watch out for is their Power Burn attack, though. Kill them quickly or else they’ll cast Power Burn, self destructing and causing you great harm in the process.

    Special note for rogues: pickpocketing the Maidens of Pain and Gan’arg Sappers in the mine can earn you Heavy Junkboxes, just the thing to work on your lockpicking skills. So consider a little thievery before you kill them all.

    As you travel down into the mine, earthquakes rock the area, attesting to the effectiveness of the sapper’s efforts. Best hurry before they bring the whole place down on your head, and destroy Honor Hold in the process.

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    Into the Mine

    Z'kral, the Mastermind As you head down the spiraling entrance to the mine, you’ll eventually come to a large open room with a chasm in the middle. At the far end of this room is a borg-like creature known as Z’kral. Pay him no mind at present, but remember where you saw him, the two of you will have business soon enough.

    Once you’ve taken out your requisite 12 Gan’arg Sappers, fight your way back out of the mine and return to Foreman Biggums outside. Rogues and Druids should have little trouble stealthing out, as all the sappers tend to face the wall, making it hard for them to detect you.

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    "The Mastermind"

    When you return to the foreman, he’ll have a follow-up task for you. “The Mastermind” quest asks you to return to the bottom of the mine and deal with Z’kral. If you hurry, you can get back down before all of the sappers respawn.

    Head down, kill Z’kral, and return to Foreman Biggums for another nice reward.