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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "Mission: The Abyssal Shelf"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Bring the pain from above in the World of Warcraft quest "Mission: The Abyssal Shelf." Your task is to take out Burning Legion forces using special bombs created in Area 52. You'll bring flaming death to the demonic forces from the comfort of your specially-trained gryphon.

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    Once you’ve successfully completed your first bombing run at Expedition Point, the Forward Commander sends you on to Shatter Point, a ruined outpost atop a floating hunk of land to the North.

    You can fly there on your own mount, or use one of the well-trained Gryphons at Expedition Point. Either way, once you’re there you’ll be asked to speak with Wing Commander Gryphongar. Shatter Point is having trouble with some local members of the Burning Legion, and he wants you to take a gryphon and bomb them out of existence.

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    "Mission: The Abyssal Shelf"

    Shatter Point The Wing Commander is located inside the ruined tower at Shatter Point. He’ll give you the mission, but you’ll have to head outside and speak to Gryphoneer Windbellow to carry it out.

    Before you take off, you may want to drag your “Area 52 Special" bomb to the action bar, as clicking a hotkey to activate it can be much easier than right-clicking and aiming at the same time.

    Once you’re ready, ask Windbellow to send you to the Abyssal Shelf, and let the bombardment commence.

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    Bombing the Abyssal Shelf

    Wing Commander Gryphongar The Abyssal Shelf is a short ride away. Once you’re overhead, your mission is to use your heavy bombs to take out 20 Gan-arg Peons, 5 Mo’arg Overseers, and 5 Fel Cannons. The Peons are easy to spot and are the smallest of the targets. The cannons are easy to hit as well, as they don’t move around much.

    The Overseers are slightly larger and stand out pretty clearly from the Peons. Concentrate on the cannons and the Overseers at first. Remember that your bombs have to recharge, so make sure to aim carefully to ensure you’re taking out as many targets with one shot as possible.

    You should take out a fair amount of Peons with collateral damage as you work on the Cannons and Overseers. Don’t pass up a chance to take out a lot of them at once with a well-aimed shot, but make sure you prioritize the other two types of targets as you fly.

    Ignore the Fel Sentries for now. They’re tempting, being such large targets, but you don’t get any credit for taking them out.

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    Return to Shatter Point

    It’s tough to get all of your targets in a single run, especially if anyone else is working on the mission at the same time. It’s not a big deal, however, as you can simply hop another gryphon and take a second pass. All your kills are cumulative, so keep at it until you’ve taken out everything you need to.

    Once all your targets are destroyed, return to the wing commander for your reward.

    If you really enjoyed your bombing run, you'll notice that Windbellow has another quest for you. You can return to the shelf and deliver more death from above whenever you like.