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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "Digging For Prayer Beads"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Assistant Klatu is desperate to retrieve his prayer beads so that they may be used in the upcoming exorcism of Colonel Jules. Your job is to find them, but first you'll have to appease the playful puppy who has hidden them somewhere in Honor Hold.

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    Once you’ve completed all your tasks at Expedition Point in Eastern Hellfire Peninsula, you’ll be asked to return to Honor Hold to deal with a far more spiritual matter. Colonel Jules is possessed, and you’ll have to help Assistant Klatu and his master to gather the necessary materials to perform an exorcism.

    This quest takes place entirely within the walls of Honor Hold, so you can put your weapons down for a few minutes and just enjoy the leisurely thrills of a mystery: where did Klatu’s Prayer Beads end up?

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    "Digging For Prayer Beads"

    Warrant Officer Tracy Proudwell Klatu has a theory as to the whereabouts of his beads. Warrant Officer Tracy Proudwell’s dog made off with them, and he’s certain she’s buried them somewhere.

    You’ll find Tracy and her faithful hound Fei Fei outside near the blacksmith.

    She’s easy to find, and you should remember her from the “Hellfire Fortifications" quest.

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    Bad Dog

    Buy Silken Thread for Hama Speak to Tracy, and click the option to ask if she knows where her dog has hidden Klatu’s beads. She, of course, has no idea, but suggests that if you give Fei Fei a treat, she might help you out. Tracy is more than willing to sell you a treat, but you’ll have to get her a spool of Silken Thread in return.

    Fortunately, you can buy Silken Thread from Hama, the Master Tailoring Trainer upstairs in the Honor Hold Inn. Grab a spool from her and return to Tracy.

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    A Little Treat

    You'll Find the Prayer Beads Buried Here Exchange the spool of Silken Thread for a treat by clicking the “I Have Marks to Redeem" option when you speak to the Warrant Officer. Now, treat in hand, right click on Fei Fei to give it to her.

    Fei Fei will lead you on a chase around Honor Hold. Your first stop is the Blacksmith, which the pup decides is not an appropriate spot to hide her new treat. She’ll continue around the complex, digging in a few spots here and there, before finally heading toward the rear of the Honor Hold Inn.

    There, near the South Eastern corner of the building (near the stables), she’ll lead you to a glowing pile of dirt on the ground. Right click it to find Klatu’s Prayer Beads safe and sound.

    Once you’ve got them in hand, head back upstairs in the Inn and return them to Assistant Klatu, who is very grateful to have them back. You’ll receive some gold and nearly 5k experience points for your trouble.

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    The Shortcut

    Of course, if you know where the prayer beads are buried, there’s no need to go through all the trouble of procuring a treat for Fei Fei and following her around the complex. Instead, you can just head outside and dig up the beads after accepting the quest.

    The whole Fei Fei following experience is not a requirement of the quest.

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