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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "Fel Spirits"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Colonel Jules' life hangs by a thread, and vengeance may be the only answer to what ails him. Assistant Klatu asks you to return to the site of his injury and take the fight to those responsible, the Shattered Hand Orcs, and the Fel Spirits which inhabit them.

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    “Fel Spirits" is one of two quests you’ll take from Assistant Klatu upstairs in the Honor Hold inn. He and his master are fighting furiously to remove a curse from their beloved Colonel Jules, and an exorcism may be the only option for saving him.

    Jules was cursed in a battle near Gor'gaz Outpost, which is Southwest of Honor Hold. To redeem him, you’ll have to head there and use a special item to take down the Fel Spirits that inhabit the local Shattered Hand Orcs.

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    "Fel Spirits"

    Assistant Klatu is desperate to save Colonel Jules. So desperate, in fact, that he’s willing to resort to vengeance to try and awaken him. Take the Anchorite Relic that Klatu gives you and head to the outpost to get started.

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    Downing Shattered Hand Orcs

    Assistant Klatu The process of killing the Fel Spirits is slightly complicated, so make sure you know what you’re up to before you get started. Head out to Gor’gaz and use your Anchorite Relic near a group of Shattered Hand Beserkers. Once the relic is deployed, a beam of energy will connect it to any nearby Orcs. Don’t be alarmed, this is part of the process and will not aggro the Orcs.

    Do not kill any Orcs that don’t have this beam attached to them. Doing so will not release

    the Fel Spirits contained within and you will not get credit for the kill. Once you kill an Orc, a Fel Spirit will spawn atop the relic which you must also kill. This amounts to killing two mobs each time so make sure you’re prepared for an extended fight.

    Anchorite Relic You can attack the Orcs and drag them back to the Anchorite Relic if you accidentally place it too far from them (I advise a central location for your relic, owing to its long cooldown, just to be safe), just make sure the beam is attached to them before you deliver a killing blow.

    Keep up your attack until you’ve avenged Colonel Jules ten times over. You’ll probably have to set up your relic several times before you’re done, but as long as it’s up when an Orc dies you’ll be able to get credit for the Fel Spirit within.

    Be careful when dealing with multiple-Orc pulls. Even if you down one, his Fel Spirit will immediately attack. You may be able to handle two of them, but four is tough even for the best players.

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    Vengeance is Colonel Jules'

    Once you’ve downed 10 of the Fel Spirits, head back to Honor Hold and Assistant Klatu. He’s relieved that you have returned and if you’ve already dug up his missing prayer beads, the time for the exorcism of Colonel Jules to begin has arrived.

    You might want to stock up on healing items for this one.