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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "Gaining Mirren's Trust"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The younger of the Longbeards, Mirren, has a powerful thirst for a taste of ale. You'll have to bring him a frosty mug of Nethergarde bitter and earn the trust of his friends at Honor Hold before he'll trust you enough to give you missions. Get ready to go on a beer run.

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    While Gremni, the elder Longbeard, is ready, eager even, to have you both secure the area around his camp and head into the nearby Den of Haal’esh to complete a task that he and his brother were actually paid to do, his younger brother Mirren is not so trusting. To gain his favor, and access to his missions, you’re going to have to prove your worth to him.

    Of course, going on a beer run is a strange way for someone to prove their trustworthiness. A suspicious mind might begin to suspect that this task may have more to do with Mirren’s dwarven thirst than any desire to discern your true nature.

    Either way, you’re going to have to go on a little side trip to get him what he wants.

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    "Gaining Mirren's Trust"

    The Longbeards Camp You’ll find the Longbeards’ camp in Southwestern Hellfire Peninsula. When you arrive, Mirren is a bit on edge and in need of something to calm his nerves. To placate him, you’ll have to fetch a mug of Nethergarde bitter from the Blasted Lands.

    You’ll also have to reach Friendly status with Honor Hold, which you should already have if you’ve done your share of quests for those who live there.

    The mug of ale is going to be a little harder to acquire. You’ll have to head back through the Dark Portal and then run through the Blasted Lands to get it. You can set out directly for the portal if you like, but it may be faster for you to head North to the Temple of Telhamat and use the Flight Point you’ll find down a path to the right of the entrance to the main building at the top of the stairs. From there, you can fly directly to the portal and then just ride through.

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    Back in the Real World

    Bernie Heisten Once you’re back in Azeroth, head due North to reach Nethergarde Keep. Once inside, Bernie Heisten is the man you’ll want to see about your ale. He can be a little hard to find, but if you just follow the path into the keep, then turn left at the mailbox, left when you enter the building, and one more left into a small room, you’ll find him.

    Bernie sells Nethergarde Bitter for less than 20 silver. At those prices, you may wish to consider getting one for yourself, as well.

    Once you’ve got the beer you came for, mount back up and head South and through the Dark Portal once more.

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    Return to the Longbeards

    The Dark Portal Once you’re back in Outland, hit up the Flight Point just to the right and below the portal, the one you undoubtedly used when you first entered Outland. You can fly back to the Temple of Telhamat and then just run or fly South to the Longbeards’ camp.

    When you return, Mirren will reward you with 11k or so experience points. A reward that pales in comparison to earning the most important thing of all, his trust (and access to his missions).