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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "The Exorcism of Colonel Jules"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

You've gathered all the necessary items, now it's time for the ritual to commence. You'll assist Anchorite Barada in a very difficult fight to save the life of Colonel Jules. This time, it's not just the Colonel's life at risk, but yours as well.

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    Once you’ve found Assistant Klatu’s prayer beads and helped him get vengeance upon the Fel Spirits that are harming Colonel Jules, there’s only one thing left to do: perform a very dangerous exorcism.

    If you’ve ever seen the film, “Exorcism," you have some idea what to expect. You’re going to be in for a rough time here, so be sure you have some potions and your best AoE spells and abilities ready to go.

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    "The Exorcism of Colonel Jules"

    Assistant Klatu  Assistant Klatu is still hanging out upstairs at the Honor Hold Inn. Once you’ve completed the “Digging for Prayer Beads" and “Fel Spirits" quests, he’ll hand you his beads and send you in to assist Anchorite Barada, who is in the next room with the Colonel.

    Once you speak to him, he’ll start the exorcism, and it’ll be up to you to deal with whatever happens during the course of it. You’re armed with Klatu’s prayer beads, and I recommend you put them in a hotbar spot, you’re going to need them.

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    Begin the Exorcism

    Speak to Anchorite Barada to begin the procedure. He’ll move to the center of the room and begin his incantations. The demon within Jules objects at first, urging him to stop, then threatening him with pain unimaginable.

    Soon, the ritual will begin in earnest.

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    Evil Revealed

    Darkness Released As the ritual is in full swing, pure evil will begin to be released from the Colonel, manifesting itself as Darkness Released, flaming skills that fly around the room. They’ll come one at a time at first, but gradually increase in number. You can target them individually and take them down, or target one and use your prayer beads to clear out the whole room.

    The key here is to keep Anchorite Barada alive, so spare a look now and then at his health bar. If he’s getting low, you can use the prayer beads on him for a quick heal, then go back to taking out the flaming skulls.

    After a bit, Jules will begin to levitate around the room, vomiting up Foul Purges. These slime monsters will attack the Anchorite as well, and are equally vulnerable to the power of the prayer beads. Keep attacking and using the beads whenever their cooldown expires.

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    The Aftermath

    If you manage to keep Anchorite Barada and yourself alive for the whole procedure, Colonel Jules will eventually return to the bed and breathe a sigh of relief to be free of the demonic presence.

    Speak to him afterward to get credit for completing the quest. He’ll tell you he’s fine, and you’ll need to head back to Assistant Klatu. Klatu takes back his prayer beads, and sends you back to speak to Danath Trollbane, the leader of the Alliance forces in Hellfire Peninsula.

    When you meet him, he gives you the "Drill the Drillmaster" quest, which asks you to kill Drillmaster Zurok just outside Hellfire Citadel.

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