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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "Feeding the Survivors"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The Kalu'ak of Kamagua village need your help to feed local refugees. Elder Atuik sends you out into the nearby wilderness to hunt the local shoveltusk population and hopefully return with enough meat to feed the village's newest residents.

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    For those who make their initial entry into Northrend via the zeppelin that runs between Orgrimmar and Warsong Hold, their first taste of Howling Fjords may come at the Kalu’ak village of Kamagua. The turtle boat that embarks from Dragonblight will drop you off here, and your first quest is likely to be “Feeding the Survivors," a last-ditch attempt to acquire enough meat to feed all the incoming survivors of local pirate attacks.

    Get ready to do a little hunting in the area near the village.

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    "Feeding the Survivors"

    Elder Atuik in Kamagua You’ll get the World of Warcraft “Feeding the Survivors" quest from Elder Atuik, found in the largest above-ground building in the village. Atuik is concerned that his tribe’s fishing catch won’t be enough to feed all the survivors that are pouring into their little settlement, and he’s decided to enlist your help in gathering some meat from the local shoveltusk population.

    Once you’ve spoken to him, head out to the grassy area just beyond the bluffs to the East of the village. The shoveltusk roam around this area, but unfortunately they’re not the only animals you’ll have to deal with.

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    At War With the Worgs

    Island Shoveltusk The local Spearfang Worg population is just as hungry as the survivors back at Kamagua, and they’re not likely to share their biggest source of food with you. Worgs will attack any shoveltusk that come near them, so you may end up having to fight both worg and shoveltusk before your mission is over.

    Pay attention before you pull a shoveltusk that has previously fought with a worg. If the worg did too much damage to it you won’t be able to loot it (or receive any experience) even if you deliver the final, killing blow.

    You’ll need six pieces of Island Shoveltusk Meat before you can return to Elder Atuik. The drop rate is not extremely high, so you can count on killing quite a few shoveltusks before you’re ready to turn the quest in.

    This area is a paradise for skinners looking to up their skills, both players and worg are out here slaying shoveltusks, and often their skinnable corpses can be found all around the area, just waiting for your knife.

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    Return to Kamagua

    Island Worg and Island Shoveltusk Once you’ve gathered your requisite six Island Shoveltusk Meat, head back to the village and speak to Elder Atuik once more. He is grateful for your assistance in his people’s time of need and rewards you with approximately 20k experience points and several gold pieces.

    The elder is not quite done with you yet. He’s got a follow-up quest for you, “Arming Kamagua." Get ready to go hunting once more, this time not for sustenance, but for raw materials the Kalu’ak use to make weapons of war.

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