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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "Avenge Iskaal"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Elder Atuik at Kamagua in Howling Fjord is ready to strike back at a group of deranged slavers who captured and then killed a large number of his people. By "ready," though, he means he'll send you out to do it.

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    You’ve been a big help to the Kalu’ak of Kamagua village thus far by helping them gather food from the local shoveltusks and helping them arm themselves by gathering the horns of the local Chimera. Now, it’s time for the Kalu’ak to put aside their peaceful ways for the time being and take action against those who have wronged them.

    A group of pirate slavers raided the village of Iskaal and then lost their minds, slaughtering all their captives. The Elder of Kamagua isn’t going to take this lying down, however, and decides to send you into the fray to get a little payback for his falled brethren.

    He won’t send you into combat without a little assistance, however.

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    World of Warcraft "Avenge Iskaal" Quest

    Iskaal Village Elder Atuik in the large building in Kamagua village will give you the World of Warcraft “Avenge Iskaal" quest after you’ve completed “Feeding the Survivors" and “Arming Kamagua." The preparations for battle are over, and now it’s time for you to make the first strike against the enemies of the Kalu’ak.

    The local village of Iskaal is your destination. Your job is to head over there and kill eight of the Crazed Northsea Slavers responsible for the slaughter of Atuik’s people. To help you in this task, he hands over the Horn of Kamagua, which will summon a Kalu’ak warrior to fight by your side while you’re in Iskaal.

    Just keep in mind that the horn has about a two-minute duration and a five-minute cooldown, so you might want to think about saving it until you’re in a tight spot, rather than calling your guardian right away.

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    Invading Iskaal

    Crazed Northsea Slaver You’ll find the ruined village of Iskaal on the East side of the island. Several ships are anchored offshore, most likely where the Crazed Slavers you’ve been sent to kill originated from. The Crazed Northsea Slavers are all around level 70, and should be easy enough to deal with for a player around that level.

    Avoid the temptation to climb the gangplank and board the ship for now. The elite mob Abdul the Insane roams around the deck and there’s no reason to engage him until you have his quest.

    Be careful when deploying your Kalu’ak defender if there are players of the opposite faction in the area. The NPC will make no distinction between them and the Slavers you’re here to kill, and you might find yourself in the middle of an unwanted PvP confrontation if you’re not paying attention.

    The slavers should go down with minimal difficulty, and you should find plenty here to kill unless someone else in the area is doing the same quest. Once your eight Slavers have perished, head back to Kamagua and Elder Atuik.

    Your reward this time is 700 Kalu’ak reputation, 20,000 experience points, and the undying gratitude of the Elder himself.

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