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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "Shield Hill"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

"Hacksaw" Jenny at New Agamand is a simple undead lady with a simple goal, to assemble the most murderous abomination of all time. She's run out of body parts with which to build it though, and your job is to help her get ahold of a few more. All in a day's work for the Horde in Northrend.

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    “Hacksaw" Jenny at New Agamand in Southern Howling Fjord is hard at work on a new abomination, but she is distressed at the lack of usable body parts to be found nearby. It seems that all the plague spreading and whatnot the scourge has been perpetrating softens up the bones and flesh and soft flesh does not make for powerful abominations.

    She’s becoming desperate to finish her latest creation, and so has resorted to sending adventurers out in search of usable bones. She knows of a place nearby where the ancestors of the mighty Vrkyl walk once more, and suggests that you might be able to find some useful bones by taking a few of them down.

    Doing World of Warcraft quests for the Undead is always such a cheerful business.

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    World of Warcraft "Shield Hill" Quest

    You’ll find “Hacksaw" Jenny near the Northern wall of New Agamand. She’s surrounded by the tools of her trade. One half-finished abomination is on a table while another is suspended by a chain nearby.

    Jenny needs you to get five Ancient Vrkyl Bones from the Risen Vrkyl Ancestors at nearby Shield Hill. The work is dirty, but necessary for her to keep up her trade.

    It’s hard to say no to such a lovely lady, what with her Dragonball Z haircut and empty eye sockets and all.

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    Kill Vrkyl Ancestors, Again

    Shield Hill Presumably you won’t be the first person to kill these Risen Vrkyl Ancestors, but you’ll hopefully be the last. Head out to Shield Hill, you’ll find it at the end of a peninsula to the Southeast.

    Before you head out, though, you might want to pick up the “The Dead Rise" quest from a Kalu’ak named Orfus stationed at The Great Lift. He’s interested in investigating the phonemona at Shield Hill as well, and you might as well kill two birds with one stone.

    Either way, head out to the graveyard at Shield Hill and start taking down Risen Vrkyl Ancestors. You’re probably going to have to deal with a few Blood Shades as well, but that’s just how it goes. They don’t drop the bones you need, but you will at least get experience points for them.

    You may notice some named Vrkyl NPCs standing over specific graves. You can’t attack them and they won’t bother you (they’re part of the “The Dead Rise" quest), so just ignore them.

    The drop rate for the Ancient Vrkyl Bones isn’t very high, and you’ll probably end up killing anywhere from 15 to 20 Risen Vrkyl Ancestors before you have all that you need.

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    Return to "Hacksaw"

    Once you’ve got the five bones, head back to New Agamand and speak to “Hacksaw" Jenny once more. Your reward for helping her is 20k experience points, nearly five gold, and your choice of four green pieces of equipment.

    The real satisfaction comes from knowing you’ve helped a pretty young lady reach her dream, assembling a mindless, undead, murderous abomination.